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Pay toilets?

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I went to France recently, and in Paris, they have public toilets on the corners near major tourist attractions, which you have to pay 2F, i think, for. They're quite strange cubicles, which have strange automatic doors, or something, I never was brave enough to use one. Is this common in other countries? In Sydney, I've never come across toilets which you have to pay for.

Pay toilets?

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That Girl

I know that all over the area of the former Soviet Union there's pay toilets. They don't usually have weird automatic doors though. In some places you have to buy toilet paper from some lady sitting at the front. It's cheap though.

Pay toilets?

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In Germany, they have these people sitting outside the entrances collecting money so you have the privelage of having a slash in some very grotty lavatories.

Scared me sensless.

Pay toilets?

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Semaj .Muad'Dib Shadow of the mouse of the second moon

The worst toilets I have ever payed to get into were in Tenerife. I don't know if the guy taking the money was supposed to be there, But I gave him the money anyway. When I got into the toilet Talk about tip toe through the tulips. They were filthy. Had to hold my breath. It's difficult holding your breath and peeing at the same time (excuse the pun)Be happy

Pay toilets?

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Mad man in the toilets

Here in Fife [Scotland] All the council toilets that have an attendant, are pay per pee. This has been going on since 17 May 1997, when the charge was set at 10p. This rose on 1st April this year to 20p. Reason I know all this ? I'm one of the people who has to stand smelling other peoples smell, to earn a living. Yes I'm a toilet attendant in Fife. smiley - smiley)

Pay toilets?

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Here in the U.S. a judge has ruled it illegal to make people pay to get rid of something they can't keep. Our polititions however, make us pay for crap we don't want.
So few people owned indoor toilets in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1910, that when the Pensylvania Railroad installed some at the train station, they became one of the towns major attractions. Some locals came to use the facilities, others merely to marvel. The restrooms became so jammed with gawking hicks that when the trains pulled into the station, passengers literally had no place to go. So the railroad installed coin operated locks, and gave the Stationmaster a key to let ticketholders in for free.
And the paytoilet was born. (probably more than you wanted to know)

Pay toilets?

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Super Shiny Sarah

Has anyone else ever used the automatic sort that works by timer? You put the money in, the door closes and then you have only a short, predetermined length of time before the door shoots open again - whether you're ready for it to or not. Very, *very* embarassing. I guess it's to try to keep queues to a minimum or something but I for one think they're a dredaful idea. smiley - smiley

Pay toilets?

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Researcher 215633

I found some pay toilets in Amsterdam which had transparent glass doors to each cubicle. It wasn't until you went inside and locked the door that the glass became, well, translucent at best I would say! Very disconcerting!

Pay toilets?

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Theneedforspeed (God of small talk, beer connoisseur and mindless instrument of the Dark Side)

In India, you dont pay to pee, but you need to pay for a crap. And I wouldnt crap in an Indian public loo, even if I had to do it my pants instead. Very avoidable. A much simpler solution is just to walk into the nearest restaurant and ask politely..Most times, they dont have a problem...smiley - smiley

Pay toilets?

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The Admiral

There are already pay toilets in Britain. Just hope that you dont need to go at Birmingham New Street Station!
My worst experience of pay toilets was in Egypt where women sat in the mens room and demanded money on the way out. Most disconcerting.

Pay toilets?

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In Philadelphia, PA., is a small lounge that has an incredible bathroom. Its walls are covered with painting of beuatiful women, trees, etc... But the best part is the transperant door. It looks like a regular see through glass door when you come in, but as soon as you lock the door, it becomes filled with what looks like smoke. Very cool

Pay toilets?

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Frogglette, Tree dweller taking over the world

In Nelson NZ there is some pay toilets, you pay to have the privilege of choosing between a regular toilet or a hole in the floor to squat over. There are also showers that you can pay for. As well there are a lot of "Eziloo" toilets where I live. They are free but when you go in everything is automated, you push a button and toilet paper comes rolling out at you. The water, soap and dryer are sensor activated and the whole time some crazy classical music is playing. Also there is a 10 minute time limit and they are self cleaning. Apparently.

Pay toilets?

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I remember in Prague, a kindly old lady would sit in a booth at the front of the pay toilets and men had to tell her whether they wanted the "pissoir" ("piss-wall" as we Americans called it) or the "kabina" (cubicle) because the few squares of "toaletní papir" (sandpaper) cost a little extra.

However, a word of advice about Czech pay toilets: Never attempt to get change for a large note from the old lady in the booth. She'll try her best and take a long time to find out that there isn't quite enough change and you end up feeling like a bit of a jerk. I made up for it by buying her flowers and it cheered her up a bit.

Pay toilets?

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There are now automated pay toilets in Sydney, which are basically big steel boxes designed to "flush" the entire room when you leave. However do not try and "save a penny" by popping in as someone pops out as I understand the flushing happens after every exit, even if there is someone inside (although this may be an urban myth).

In some of the shopping centres in Bangkok, Thailand you might have to pay to go into the loo (usually one baht), but for that you can usually be sure of paper in the cubicles. In the free toilets you should make sure the cubicle has paper - many toilets only provide paper via a vending machines (one or two baht for sufficient paper to finish the task). Finally since traditional "Thai style" is to squat, rather than sit, it's wise to check the style of toilet, as some have wider, flat rims on the bowl, and no seats. "Thai style" applied to toilets with seats can mean dirty footprints on the seat (more reason to make sure lots of paper is available).

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