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Pig toilets

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On a recent trip to Goa, India I noted a very different type of public lavatory, The 'PIG TOILET'!
The basic idea behind (!) the pig toilet or 'Toilette de cochon' is that you go about your business(!), leave the area quickly and then pigs lurch in and eat the resultant 'dirt'. Marvellously green don't you think? (Especially if you've been eating sag a(loo)!)
Has anyone come across anything similar or more environmentally friendly on their travels I wonder?

Do tell.


Pig toilets

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Nope, but it makes me wonder why beef and not pork is forbidden among the Hindus...

Pig toilets

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Beef is forbidden to all hindus. Strict hindus are vegetarian so wont eat pork.
Goa has a significant muslim population who eat no pork and a large christian population who if they do eat pork are filthy. Mainly the cute little piggies become bacon for hungover tourists.

The best part about pig toilets is that pigs are intelligent so you can get them to follow you by walking funny and carrying toilet paper. smiley - cake

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