A Conversation for William Shakespeare - Who Was He?

Hmm. Surprised to see that still going.

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James Casey

Giving so much prominence to the 'Shakespeare wasn't Shakespeare' conspiracy theory. There is actually a great deal of contemporary evidence that he wrote the plays.

Glad to see no mention of the theory that the plays were the work of several people, though - that one's always made me laugh. Why do people have so much difficulty accepting one person, out of all the billions in history, could have been a genius?

Hmm. Surprised to see that still going.

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Even - or especially - a genius recognises when someone else comes up with a better idea. Analysis supports the theory that not every line in Shakespeare's plays was written by the same person. So don't laugh it off just yet ...

Hmm. Surprised to see that still going.

Post 3

James Casey

Ah, I'm talking about specifically a group of people sitting down together to write all the plays, not lines creeping in here and there.

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