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I love Shakespeare!

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Say what you will about his borrowed plots, his personal habits, and God knows what else... no one can turn a phrase like him! His word-images are sometimes more vivid than anything I have ever seen. Seeing his plays done well can be positively transcendent. It's like gaining a new sense! Thanks, Will.

I love Shakespeare!

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Clay the Exile

I couldn't agree more. I once had the great fortune to do a week workshop
putting on The Winter's Tale. With other authors, after a week you felt
you had got to grips with the work in some way. With Shakespeare
you felt you were just starting to scratch the surface.

I love Shakespeare!

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Miranda (Make tea! Yes, Cissdur, it's still me)

My nickname is a giveaway...
And I'm not even English (or American, Austalian, South African or from any other place where I might have been expected to have English as my first language), so I probably miss a lot.

I love Shakespeare!

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B. R. Wombat

I couldn't agree more. It makes me proud to be human to think what one person's imagination can achieve. And he was certainly not Francis Bacon. He was the lad from Stratford - an actor and jobbing writer and the most wonderful genius. Thanks indeed, Will.

I love Shakespeare!

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hitchhiker from the eighties

I'm not english too. And I can't study his works until university, and the course won't start until the next friday!! But I read Mid-Summer Night's Dream and I totally recommend it. It's fabolous, very lyrical, very imaginative! I love Will!

I love Shakespeare!

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ok...shakespeare....great...anyone who has a difference of opinion may smooch up to my alabaster american bum....now as for A Mid-summer Night's Dream, great story...even more wonderful when it's acted out...but my favorite of Shakespeare's comedies has to be Much Ado About Mothing....if you enjoyed Mid-summer, you'll love this one....and anyone who has not seen the Compleat Works of William Shakespears Abridged should see it as soon as possible...if you can see it in person that is even better....if you don't know what i'm talking about....post a reply saying so and i will explain what the Compleat Works is. later

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