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Another reason not to eat it.......

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Although I have to say I love the stuff now, during my pale and callow youth my dear mother had a very special way of cooking spinach which encouraged me not to touch the stuff with a barge pole.

The recipe is given below:

1) Take handfuls of spinach and chop ruthlessly with a blunt knife.
2) Plunge into aluminium saucepan, with water boiling furiously.
3) Continue to boil for 240 minutes on "high".
4) Slop the green goo onto a plate.
5) Stand over small child, screaming "you don't what's good for you, you don't" until consumed.

Ah, memories. smiley - smiley

Another reason not to eat it.......

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Sho - employed again!

oh my... I'd really never touch the stuff if that had ever happened to me.

Although... the school cook/housemistress had a similar way with semolina which I wouldn't touch wearing a hazmat suit!

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Another reason not to eat it.......

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