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Aloo sag

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Presumably quite by coincidence, i cooked a Spinach & potato curry today (Aloo = potato, sag = spinach in Urdu)

Despite being vegetarian, i detest spinach unless it is nicely lurking within a curry. Here's the approximate recipe; i don't do weights & measures.

Potatoes, two
Spinach, one pack or a tin or a bunch
Spices: cumin, coriander (powdered AND fresh), turmeric, chili, fenugreek,any old curry powder mix. Oh, asafoetida too.
Onion, one, larger the better
Garlic, the more the merrier "We shall offend the neighbours in all ways possible"
Tinned tomatoes

*Parboil the spuds, not for long
*Fry up onions in the spices
*Add the spinach
*DO NOT go on hootoo & forget to stir!
*Add garlic & tomatoes
*Add water you boiled the spuds in
*Go on hootoo, turn heat down & leave to fester

*When bored with hootoo, idly examine the Thing on the Stove & if hungry, eat with basmati rice (that needs cooking, but it's 11 minutes & really easy enough for even adolescent males to manage)


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