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Knob Lick, USA

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knob (na:b)

  • 1a) A rounded protuberance : LUMP. b) A small rounded ornament or handle

  • 2) A rounded usually isolated hill or mountain

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online

  • 1) A round handle, or a small round device for controlling a machine or electrical equipment

  • 2) A round lump on the surface or end of something

  • 3) A small amount of something solid, especially butter

  • 4) UK, offensive, a penis

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Knob Lick, Missouri

Knob Lick, Missouri is located in the northeastern part of the Ozark Mountains, about 50 miles northwest of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Knob Lick was founded in 1865 and named after a salt lick at the foot of a mountain about a mile from the town and a nearby knob. The salt lick was widely known to attract many animals, primarily buffalo and deer, and was a popular hunting ground among the Native Americans.

When the St Louis Iron Mountain Railroad built a line from St Louis to Pilot Knob, Missouri, Knob Lick became a stop on the route and was a shipping point for the granite mines in the area.

According to Hometown Guides, there are no recreational facilities in the town of Knob Lick. There are also no restaurants, nor much of anything else. Residents of Knob Lick are therefore forced to look elsewhere for their day-to-day needs. Most amenities are found in the county seat of Farmington which is about 10 miles north on US 67.

Approximately 400 miles east of Knob Lick, Missouri, you will find Knob Lick, Kentucky.

Knob Lick, Kentucky

Knob Lick, Kentucky was settled during the 1790s, and was originally known as Antioch. The original settlers, the Allen and Shannon families, donated land on which to build a church for the area. When completed the church was called Antioch, after the Biblical Antioch, and the church in turn gave its name to the settlement. A post office was established and called Antioch1 but later closed when a postmaster couldn't be found.

The post office was re-established in 1867 but by then the name of Antioch had been taken by another town in a nearby county so a new name was sought. Knob Lick was chosen due to a nearby salt lick, sometimes also called a swamp, and a knob about a mile north of the lick. Knob Lick is located in Metcalfe County in south central Kentucky. It is approximately equidistant from Frankfort, Kentucky, and Nashville, Tennessee2.

In addition to the post office, Knob Lick is home to a country store and two churches (neither of which is the original church although there is still an Antioch church in town). There are no other strictly local attractions, but Mammoth Cave State Park, home of the most extensive caverns in the world, is located just under 30 miles to the east.

1Establishing a post office is how a town would be named in the settlement of the New World.2Frankfort and Nashville are the capital cities of Kentucky and Tennessee, respectively.

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