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Researcher 211320

Have you guys ever heard of this tiny little country in South America, called Brazil?

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Anastrophe, I am

go on, give us a clue

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Are there any beaches there? Please, do tell!!!

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This thread is obviously focused on beaches in UK and some US places.

Perhaps you should discuss and search for "praia" or "playa"
But the main issue, already mentioned here, is:
- Be sure people stay in the US or UK (or Majorca) and do not flood other places -

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Ah, but alas, Sir Cedrick was fond of the beach, that is until the tsunami hit. No, not a wave spent on total destruction...well, not almost, caused by some undersea earthly activity but a huge mass of debris the likes of which no beach should ever succumn to. The wave happens at the height of tourist season and it's engined by foreigners and alien beings' bodyheat- some appearing as if not even from this planet. The US and more than likely the UK's have been taken over and not by the natives. The invasion started along time ago. It is only at the critical stage presently.

Your little pleasant local, serene and all natural beach isn't safe.

Thanks for allowing me to reply and I hope you have a nice time. DH2

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I live by a little beach on a little river right between the mountains and the desert, quite far from the ocean where the tsunamis and hurricanes happen. The river has rapids and it almost overflowed its banks this spring, but the beach is that much more pleasant for it and only two people died and one more got arrested after his rescue and now none of the bars will serve him (he was being stupid). Anyway, to stay on topic, this all happened far to the north of Brazil and we don't speak Portuguese here. Just English, Spanish, Ute and Navajo. About 1/3 of the tourists prefer French or German though.

Did this make any sense?

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Brazil is a beautiful country with beautiful people and the official language is portugueese. If you have not been there, why not try it next time you book your holiday!!

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smiley - tongueoutAlso there is no mention of the wonderful beaches of Fuerteventura in the ilses de Canaries,golden sand and black lava beaches abound on this little known island in the group.smiley - bubbly

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