A Conversation for Things to Do if You Are Stuck at London Heathrow Airport

Soft Spot?

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This is so beautifully written that it suggests a perverse kind of affection for the place.

...No, forget that. Daft suggestion.

Another tack. There's probably more thought and care gone into the Entry than into the actual airport?

Pinniped (confirmed and irredeemable Heathrow-Hater)

Soft Spot?

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I agree with the idea that the entry had more thought put into it than Heathrow did. I think we'd have been better off with Henry Crun's portable Croydon aerodrome. For those readers who don't what I'm on about check out the Goon Show entry.
Having said that I have been lucky and never been delayed long at Heathrow, I still don't like it. Though it's not as bad as Newark,NJ. I was stuck there for seven hours once, haven't been back since.
There is one good thing about flying out of Heathrow, it means you're leaving London. That's always good.
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a girl called Ben

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I don't really have a soft spot for LHR, and I have spent far too much time there.

It does function, but it is physically arduous. Tarmac-to-tarmac (ie touchdown to hitting the motorway) is 15 minutes at Birmingham, and 7 of those are waiting for a bus. It is 40, if you are lucky, at LHR. It is just so bloody *big*.


Soft Spot?

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Number Six

I had my maiden landing yesterday at Heathrow Terminal 4, and I have to say the experience was not an edifying one. Our plane, having left Mexico City an hour late, had made good time and touched down on schedule - 1350.

Then we waited for ages on the apron. Eventually we were told there was a technical problem with the aircraft occupying our Gate, and we'd have to wait until that had been sorted out.

Once we'd actually got out of the plane, we had further fun and games in the baggage hall. After about a quarter of an hour's wait, we were told we'd have to wait a further half-hour until our baggage turned up. After gently grilling the poor BA Customer Service bloke (well, there was nothing he could do and it wasn't his fault) it seemed that the luggage team destined to work on our plane had had to stick with unloading and re-sorting the one that had held up our arrival.

We finally made the tube station just under three hours after we'd touched down.

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