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Airline Lounge Guide

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Red (and a bit grey) Dog

I travel an awful lot on business (400,000 miles PA on the last count) and have some very nice gold and platinum cards from the various airlines that I use. I just wanted to say that the lounge to beat them all is the Virgin Clubhouse ..... it's not the free haircuts/massage/pedicure, nor is it the extensive range of food and drink, nor is it that you can get measured for a suit whilst you're killing time in there but it could well be the video arcade choc full of free games that clinches it for me. Shame they only fly a few routes that I use smiley - sadface

Airline Lounge Guide

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Plus, waiter/waitress service (in stark contrast to BA Terraces, where the staff will do their best to ignore you).

Airline Lounge Guide

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a girl called Ben

Sounds like bliss! I wish I had known that - hopefully people will track the thread from the entry itself.

Thanks for dropping by and posting!


Airline Lounge Guide

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Red (and a bit grey) Dog

My pleasure B - as I didn't have the good grace to tell you that I enjoyed your article let me say smiley - sorry .... I did really enjoy it as I spend sooo much time there (I live in Aberdeen and have to be in Houston every 5 weeks or so).

Airline Lounge Guide

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Dear Red Dog I worry a great deal about the colour coordination of cups and saucers in the BA lounge. My wife having spent several years insisting that I must colour coordinate (shoes, socks, slacks etc) now insists that the cups and saucers are actually not meant to match, so which is it? Does it matter? And if it matters does it matter that it matters smiley - run

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