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Great entry AC smiley - biggrin Hard put to find any typos in this long entry, but I think I've got one.

It might just be ambiguous but I reckon the section on The Bridge should use 'or' rather than 'of' in the sentence below:

"It seems an obvious place for any alien to shoot at, but most seem to shoot at the engines, weapons of the engineering section."

Pimmsaloonie smiley - winkeye
(n.b. I don't read entries *in order* to find typos, but if I do notice any I like to offer them up)

typo sci fi

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The H2G2 Editors

Fixed smiley - ok

Keep up the typo spotting - the more we correct, the better the entry. Power to the Community!

typo sci fi

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Baron Grim

Pimms missed this one at the end of the "Wormholes" section:

"They used known wormholes to navigate, but the viewers themselves never sees them."

A 'viewer' sees, 'viewers' see.

But yea, not bad for such a long (and enjoyable) entry. smiley - cheers

smiley - vampire Count Zero('s a LoONie)

typo sci fi

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Please excuse me while I go outside and shoot myself smiley - bruised

Pimmsaloonie smiley - winkeye

typo sci fi

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Zebedee (still Pool God after all these years)

I spotted a few more in the "Jokes About the Crew" section

Data was stroking, not stoking...

C3PO should be C-3PO

And T'Paul should be T'Pol.

Great entry smiley - smiley

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