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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was one of the first Americanised Japanese television show of its type.

In it five kids (the Power Rangers), all dressed in different rainbow colours, merge into one giant robot and fight the bad guy. Each episode follows a similar plot: they summon their 'dinosaur spirit' in the form of a giant metal robot, which joins with the other Rangers' zoids to form a huge humanoid robot. (A single zoid on its own would always be defeated, naturally.) This then defeats the baddies.

In the Power Rangers and similar programmes, children viewers always understand the technology far better than the adults, and develop a sympathy with it. The adult viewpoint is symbolised by Lord Zed, who attempts to use technology for control and domination and is himself trapped and imprisoned in his own life support system. Whereas the Power Rangers are all newly evolved (or evolving), Lord Zed is the evolutionary past, a single dictator imprisoned because of his misuse of technology. The Power Rangers, on the other hand, gain spiritual and moral guidance from theirs, in the form of an annoying little robot and Zordon, who imparts the wisdom of the ages through his communication technology.

The message of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, therefore, is that adults are scared of technology and but kids aren't. It's a new paradigm for kids, one that says humans can co-evolve with technology to create a better future.

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