A Conversation for How to Survive Family Parties

Descend into drunkenness and crap jokes

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Its the only way...

A termite walks into a bar, and says "wheres the bar tender"

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Descend into drunkenness and crap jokes

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Steve K.

Reminds me of a story about Stravinsky, the great 20th century composer. Not a family party, but the White house held a big party in his honor, a very formal affair with President Kennedy, Leonard Bernstein, and a crowd of similar luminaries. Stravinsky, who once said to a visiting friend "Let's listen to my Mass before we get drunk", apparently thought the party was a little too formal, as he proceeded to get drunk and had to be taken away early. It was his 80th birthday.

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Descend into drunkenness and crap jokes

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