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Treat it like a party you want to go to

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HarpoNotMarx (((2*1)^6)-6-(2*8)=42

On the premise that you only get out of a social situation what you're prepared to put in, treat your family like human beings, respect their strange little habits but rise above all the embarrassing questions [Just posted cynical view on parallel thread] by showing interest in them. They really want to talk about themselves and you might find out some juicy goss about your Auntie Aggie. Don't spread it though!

Treat it like a party you want to go to

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Siletta Weaver, Keeper of exsessively long titles, Eclectic Mystic, Cynic, etc..

That's what I do, but I get along with my family.

Treat it like a party you want to go to

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Barneys Bucksaws

I think throughout the years I've pulled every possibe stunt to be as disinterested, and obnoxious, as possible at family parties. While I was growing up, the gatherings were always at our house - we had the most room.

At 3, aparently, I refused to allow a cousin to play with my new Teddy bear from England, and threw a right fit when he tried.

A toy-throwing match with one of my much-hated girl cousins was normal. And when I was about 10 I discovered her nick-name in the village where she lived, and called her Frog-Eyes every chance I got, right up till we were teenagers.

I either insisted on my very best party dress, or refused to wear anything but jeans and an old shirt of Dad's, depending on what would get the most adverse reaction.

I ignored the rest and spent time with Grandma.

I read a book, and wouldn't get drawn into any conversations.

I discovered my older cousins outside drinking at the cars, and joined them - they were having more fun! The rest of them, except my Dad and Mom (black sheep) were tea-total. At my wedding reception one of the cousins was feeding the old aunties punch - liberally spiked. I figured a family rift was coming for sure! It blew over.

Now my brother and I are officially the older generation. We lost the last of them this Spring. All that are left are a lively bunch, and we're free now to enjoy ourselves, and each other, and relax.

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