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Recommended speed limit?

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Well, it seems some other websites back you up, but the Highway Code definitely gives the impression the speed limit is compulsory: http://www.highwaycode.gov.uk/signs01.htm

Now I check, even the government backs you up: http://www.thinkroadsafety.gov.uk/advice/motorwaydriving01.htm

Well, now I won't feel so guilty when I break the suggestions - I've only done so because I felt uncomfortable having other cars going past me at approximately twice my speed.

Great article by the way.

Recommended speed limit?

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Gavin Orr

Good article on the Motorways - brought back memories.

I miss motorways, they say they have them here in Oz but they haven't quite grasped the idea of going around places you don't want to visit instead of going through them.

I seem to remember that originally the (circle with a line through it) sign didn't mean a speed limit of 70MPH, but indicated a true "no speed limit" road, but the limit was imposed during a fuel shortage and was never revoked: am I dreaming or is this correct?

I once travelled 400 miles (from East Kilbride, near Glasgow, to the outskirts of London) passing through only one set of traffic lights and stopping only when I wanted to. Travel the same distance from Sydney to anywhere and you would pass through about 400 sets of traffic lights and, with my luck, stop at every one.

However if you are prepared to travel off the beaten track, you can certainly go for a fair distance without needing to stop for a traffic light (assuming you didn't need petrol (:-&gtsmiley - winkeye. Sydney, on the West coast, to Perth, on the East, is about 2700 miles, while around Australia by road would clock up about 9000 miles (Land's End to John O' Groats is, I understand around 900 miles). Watch out for stray Camels on the Nullabor plain (there are no wild Kangaroos on Sydney's roads, but there are wild camels in the outback).

smiley - run

Recommended speed limit?

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You're right that at one time there was no maximum limit, but I believe 70mph was introduced following deaths caused by those doing a ton down the M1. You may be thinking of the 50mph limits that were introduced on many roads during the war, some of which still stand.

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