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How do you scramble yours?

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The main article points out two key ways that scrambled eggs are made (some people whisk the whites & yolks together in a jug or container, the article recommends that they are only partially mixed prior to turning into a pan). I have my own preference:

- Warm the plates
- Heat the pan over a low-medium heat
- Add a knob of butter and ensure it is sizzling
- Break eggs into pan ensuring the yolks remain intact
- Add a touch of salt
- Carefully stir the *whites* around every 10-15 seconds
- Once only a small amount of the whites remain uncooked break the yolks and stir in once
- Cook for 10 seconds, turn the heat off
- Stir the entire mixture using slow strokes until it attains your desired consistency, then pool together into a lump to stop it drying further

I aim to have a little of the whites and a lot of the yolk still runny.

Turn onto warm plates then add salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.

Note: when mixing the whites, I like to have slightly larger chunks so I leave the whites to cook for a longer period between stirring. When stirring, use slow strokes so as not to break the scramble into bits that are too small.

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How do you scramble yours?

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