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slovak scrambled eggs

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in Slovakia, we use to make scrambled eggs with onion and bacon -bacon and onion are sliced into smaller pieces, but the size is really up to you, because everyone likes it in other way. Then you roast the bacon, add the onion and when it's roasted enough (not to brown, just to make it looks like made of glass...i don't know how to clearly describe it, but i hope everyone has enough experiences to know what i mean smiley - tongueout ), you can finally add the eggs and salt (and pepper and red-pepper -i like it just with salt, but i know lot of people adding pepper and red-pepper to eggs)
I don't know anyone in Slovakia, who makes scrambled eggs with milk.
You can make this just with roasted onion -it's really yumee smiley - biggrin
I hope you'll enjoy it smiley - ok

slovak scrambled eggs

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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Hi lizatko. Thanks for that. Slovak eggs are something like what we would call in Canada western omelet. Westerns usually turn out more like scrambled eggs than proper omelet because of the bacon and onion. We usually eat them in a sandwich with toast. Personally, I like to add some hot pepper sauce to the eggs. But that is not to everyone's taste. smiley - smiley

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