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The Skylark, South End, Croydon, UK

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The Skylark is a Wetherspoons1 pub in South Croydon, London.

Where Is It?

Although it's on Croydon High Street, South Croydon, technically speaking it's nearer to South End by the time you actually reach the place. If you're coming along from South Croydon station, it's on the left - if from East/West Croydon, it's on the right.

It's a place for a quiet pint. There's no music, and plenty of space. Generally considered an 'old blokes' pub', you're guaranteed a seat at lunchtimes and there's still space come the evening.

Downstairs you'll find the main bar area in which you'll find three fruit machines, free-standing tables and also tables in booths alongside bookshelves holding antiquated and obscure volumes. There's also a small, paved beer garden (in truth more like a beer patio) leading off from the far right-hand corner of the large room. Upstairs is a room of the same outer perimeter as the main bar but built around a large circular balcony overlooking the floor below. This floor also houses the toilets, a rarely-used second bar and another fruit machine.

The Fare

As you might expect from a Wetherspoons, prices are a little cheaper than many of the surrounding pubs.

Ales and Bitters

Directors, Spitfire, Abbotts and a variety of guest beers, often including Bombardier, Old Speckled Hen and Exmoor Beast.


Stella Artois, Fosters and occasionally Kronenbourg and Carling.

Other Drinks

Guinness, both regular and cold; a selection of doubles, bottled beers, alcopops (they seem particularly fond of Red Square) and cocktails available in pitchers.

Monday Club

Drinks tend to be reassuringly cheaper than you might find elsewhere.


...can take quite some time to arrive. Unless you have time to spare, you're best off going for some chips. That or ordering crisps from the bar.

In Addition to Which...

It's close to curry houses, Chinese restaurants, a Japanese restaurant, and a laundrette should matters really take a turn for the worse.

1A pub chain specialising in no music (with a few exceptions) and cheap prices; the former achieved through, er, not playing any music and the latter through bulk-buying beer close to its sell-by date and flogging it by the gallon.

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