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An Update

Post 41

Also Ran1-hope springs eternal

Oh psychosmiley - chick

How good to hear you again. I was so pleased to see that you went to the Rugby. I watched it here.

I must congratulate Munchkin. I am not at all sure what has happened. Is thenjob in Glasgow so he will be leaving wherever he was? Is it promotion - more interesting - or what.?

All very mysterious.

Keep well. I hope that you ar still drawing. I have not forgotten my cartoon that I wanted you to do. I actually am learning how to send photographs, so who knows maybe, one will come winging out to NZ and then perhaps you can do one for me me!!.

NZ seems a wonderful country.

With good wishes

Also Ran1 smiley - schooloffish

An Update

Post 42


Hello AR1,
Psycho Chicken has actually come back from NZ now, but I shall let him talk about that. As to me, yes the job is in Glasgow. It is basically the same as what I am currently doing but as my current job is moving away from Scotland altogether I am very glad to find this new one. They actually phoned me again today just to confirm that they were going to offer me a job, just as soon as they can get the paperwork done. My interviewer, and soon to be new manager, has just had a baby (well his wife has smiley - winkeye) and so is not easily contactable. I think this is why they keep phoning to assure me they are doing stuff. Still at least I don't have to worry that I am being annoying and phoning them to much. Anyway, they hope to get the official offer letter in the post by the end of tomorrow, wich will then allow me to hand in my notice at my current work and begin the business of negotiating end and start dates. It sounds like I will have started by the end of next month. Which will be nice.

An Update

Post 43


I'm glad to know the job is in the bag, Munchkin. smiley - cheers

An Update

Post 44

Metal Chicken

Hurrah!! smiley - applausesmiley - ok
Good to hear the new job's (almost) formally confirmed. Well done that chap smiley - smiley

An Update

Post 45

Also Ran1-hope springs eternal

Absolutely super dear Munchkin.

Congratulations and every success in your new enviornment.

Thanks for the news of psycho smiley - chick No wonder
I was no longer having all those wonderful stories about NZ.

I hope that your new job is as rewarding as the last one. At least it is where you want to be.

Have a great time celebrating.

AR1 smiley - schooloffish

And how about some more tales about your travelling?

An Update

Post 46

Zantic - Who is this woman??

smiley - ale and smiley - bubbly all round that chap! smiley - applause

Zantic smiley - dragon

An Update

Post 47


And the formal offer arrived over the weekend. smiley - biggrin So I have accepted it and handed my resignation to my old work. Now I just have to sort out the fiddly handover stuff. So, one month from now I start my new job. Yeeee!.

An Update

Post 48

Witty Moniker

And now I will offer my formal congratualtions. smiley - bubbly

I didn't want to jinx anything before it was all official.

An Update

Post 49


That's great news Munchkin. smiley - bubbly

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