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Sadly lacking in time

For those of you who may be wondering where I have got to I am afraid to say that, other than this afternoon which is temporarily quiet, I am just too busy for this fine establishment. I do still exist though on the t'interweb in a blogging sense at Sadly it is not the same as Hootoo. I can get all the random journal links and waffle I want from that but it is certainly not the same. What I miss most are the long involved rambles such as Lil's or the Snug, but they are preciously the bits I do not have time for. Annoying really.
So, in the meantime I hope you are all doing well and I shall keep this space open on the hope that one day I can return, probably after I have won the lottery or something.

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Back To Work

So, I finally started my new job today. The walk to work is short, the people seem nice and the work is not yet difficult. Can't really complain can I? smiley - smiley

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Ripped off?

I've just had this page pointed out to me; It looks suspiciously like someone has pinched the hootoo smilies. Maybe they are allowed to, I don't know the rules but it does look a bit dodgy.

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That interview...

Went not too badly. Good enough for them to ask for my references anyway. Having never done this before I am now sitting here like a bag of highly strung cats worrying about what sort of references they will give and whither, after talking to my current work they decide not to take me on but then work knows I am thinking of leaving and it all gets awkward. Mind you I have a meeting on Friday with my personal development manager which could be interesting either way now. smiley - winkeye
Anyway, here I sit all panicy and doing absolutely nothing useful. Not unlike an English Cricket fan I should think.

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I have an interview! For a job in Glasgow! Within walking distance of my house. And it is a job I can even do!
The interview is on Monday and, as I have not been to an interview in over six years, I expect to spend most of the weekend fretting about it. Still, what ever happens it is good practise and, as I currently between projects at work, I don't even have to make up some non existent Doctor's appointment to hide the fact. smiley - smiley

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