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Returning to work

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Rains - Wondering where time's going and why it's in so much of a hurry!

Well, I'm still not 100% sure how this happened, but I start a new job on Monday smiley - yikessmiley - wow.

I get to work with our ex-lodger Chris at the engineering firm where he works in Banbury, and I get to be a Document Engineer - i.e. I write technical stuff smiley - biggrin. It's only a 6 month contract, so it's only a temporary job. The weirdest thing will be the hours - 9am till 5pm, Monday to Friday, with an hour for lunch. At Land Rover I worked 7.30am till 4pm Monday to Thursday, with half an hour for lunch, and then 7.30pm till 12.30pm Friday - so Dave will be getting home before I do. He's offered to do housework while he waits for me to come home - ahhh, bless. We'll see how that goes, though!

I'm half tempted, after a few weeks, to ask if I can do LR hours (or at least shrink down my lunch break), as I'll find it a lot easier and I'll get to miss rush hour. I'll be getting up when Dave gets up anyway, so waiting till 9am to start work seems a bit, well, silly to me.

I'm still really not sure how this job is going to go, but for some odd reason Chris seems to be keen to work with me (as he encouraged me to apply in the first place), so hopefully it'll be OK smiley - smiley.

The worst thing about having to start work? Having to find new work shoes. Once again I've been reminded that if you have very wide feet, it's b****y hard to find a decent pair of well-fitting shoes that don't make you look like you're aged over 70 smiley - cross.

And on that cheerful note, I'm off to panic and generally freak out about the fact I'm going back to work!

Returning to work

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Fantastic! Hope it goes well! How far is Banbury from Leamington? 45 mins or so?

Returning to work

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Opticalillusion- media mynx life would be boring without hiccups

smiley - goodluck

Returning to work

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Milla, h2g2 Operations

smiley - boing

Returning to work

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Anyway, surely that title should be "Returning to w*rk"?

Returning to work

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Dea.. - call me Mrs B!

Good luck for Monday, Rains! Hope you enjoy it. The job sounds exciting and at least you know someone there, it's always easier if there's a familiar face around.smiley - goodluck

I'm still enjoying my time off work although I do miss the routine. Having lie-ins every day is playing havoc with my eating habits and I'm turning into a vampire!

DDD is concentrating on the inside of the house and I'm slowly trying to turn into Alan Titchmarsh and tackle the jungle out the back. Tonight, only 4 fingers in Elastoplasts from the secateurs, which is a huge improvement from previously!smiley - bruised

Returning to w*rk

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Rains - Wondering where time's going and why it's in so much of a hurry!

Thanks all smiley - biggrin - two weeks in, and so far, so good. Everyone's been really nice to me so far. My poor brain is getting one heck of a workout trying to pick up everything I need to learn smiley - headhurts. As of yet, I haven't actually worked with my boss as he's been out on holiday - he's back on Monday, so that'll be interesting...

I'm amazed - at the moment, it's only taking half an hour between here and there. I'm expecting that to change when the schools go back, though. I'm close to the M40 here, and where I work is close to the motorway and away from Banbury centre, so I get to miss the worst of the traffic. That said, the M40 is somewhat dull!

Yes, I know, I made a typo in the title smiley - laugh. Never mind.

Have fun settling into the non-work routine, Deakie smiley - biggrin. I actually found having the discipline to get up reasonably early (usually 7.30am ish) paid off - both in terms of making me feel mor human, and helping me eat properly too. Plus it means that the occasional lie-in to about 9 or 10 feels that much better too!

Returning to w*rk

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I've only logged on for an update about your work. Glad it's going OK.


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Returning to work

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