Mok the Magic Man

I am about six feet tall, but I am definitely not an ape decendant. I am originally from a parallel universe (P0.29n) by intergalactic standards

Technically, I was not really born as you understand it. I was bio modified and genetically engineered for the purpose of allowing me to safely journey to parallel worlds. Travelling to parallel universes is a tricky business, and genetic enhancements such as accelerated healing and immunity to parallel versions of diseases is essential. My brain was altered with an organic processing chip and my DNA was rewritten in order to enable near immortality. These procedures are not especially fun to go through, and involuntary swearing is often the result.

On my home Earth, I was a low ranking member of an organization called Quantum Omega. It was our mission to explore parallel universes and establish trade routes between them. However, on a routine mision, my wormhole intersected with a Quantum Temporal Schism which totally destabilized my quantum matrix.

As a result, I was instantly thrown back in time over five thousand years (by your time standards, it was the year 2318 when I left my home world) and at the same time, my quantum structure was phase shifted out of alignment with my normal quantum state.

The end result of which was finding myself on a primitive version of Earth in a universe out of quantum sync with my own, which obviously means that I am irretrievable. Even if my people were to calculate my new quantum signature, they have no way to contact me since I am in a different time than when I started. Ironically, time travel is far more complex than inter dimensional travel, and only the very brave or the very daft even attempt it.

I have been stuck on this rather dull planet for the last five thousand of your years, and I've managed to maintain some semblance of sanity throughout most of that time. (Unless you count that brief period between the thirteen century to the present).

I currently live in a country called Canada, though over the eons, I have lived in many different regions of your world.

I find this guide book to be very interesting and I will atttempt to share my near infinite wisdom with you from time to time.


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