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His Divine Shadow: ACE, Shi Alyt

...A bit of help please? I would like to add a section of marquees to my page with lots of little alcoholic beverages flying left and right at varying speeds and conentrations, could please help me with it, all I can remember is how to change marquee direction

yours thankfully,
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Hello. Sorry for the delay in replying, I've been rather busy this last month and so took a leave of absence from h2g2.

I'm no expert on Marquee tags I'm afraid, as I'm one of those people who considers them a travesty of web design which should never have been invented, and yet another thing Microsoft have to answer for (although Netscape aren't blameless, they invented the Blink tag smiley - yikes)

However, because I'm feeling kind and helpful, I looked it up. To change the speed, you need to use the SCROLLAMOUNT and SCROLLDELAY attributes of the marquee tag. SCROLLAMOUNT specifies how many pixels the thing inside the marquee moves each time it's updated, and SCROLLDELAY specifies how many milliseconds between updates. Thus to make it faster, use a low value for SCROLLDELAY, and, potentially, a high value for SCROLLAMOUNT.

High values of SCROLLAMOUNT will of course make it look jerky, but low values might not be fast enough for you.

An example might be:

smiley - zzz for a fairly slow one.

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His Divine Shadow: ACE, Shi Alyt

ok, thanks

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