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Can you smell fish?

There are two new mouths to feed in the Vibenstein household! fords wanted a goldfish, so I decided that, rather than get a hamster and keep it in the tank beside the fish, I'd get a fish too.

After much deliberation, and resisting the temptation to ask the community for suggestions, we've named them Derek and Clive. fords' fish (Clive) is a beautiful silver, black and red Shubunkin; mine (Derek) is... well, y'know, a goldfish.

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Personalised recommendations.

Like many people, I rent my DVDs online, because (a) my DVD rental website of choice has a far larger selection of titles than even the largest video rental store in the area, and (b) I'm a lazy sod.

One of the other "benefits" of online video rental is that the website can recommend titles to you based on those you've already rented. Usually these are absolute drivel...

"We recommended 'Time Of Your Life 1931' because you have selected or watched 'Classic Albums - Elvis Presley'." smiley - doh

"We recommended 'In The Flow With Kali Ray - Strengthening'..." (some kind of bizarre exercise video) "...because you have selected or watched 'Sparks: Live In London'." smiley - huh I usually treat them with scepticism, not to say contempt. I was, however, extremely excited to read the synopsis of this recommendation:

"Tom Baker is offered a job as a Division One football coach..."

I like it so far. A mental image of Tom Baker in floppy hat, long scarf and sheepskin coat sitting on a draughty bench urging Bristol City towards a 0-0 draw with Huddersfield has already started to form.

"...and promptly moves his wife and twelve children to a leafy suburb of Chicago."

Hang on a minute. When did Chicago get into the Coca-Cola league? Oh, bums. It's "Cheaper By The Dozen". It's American football. Tom Baker is the character name, obviously thought up by some American who's never even heard of Doctor Who. And this is what I get for watching or selecting "School Of Rock". smiley - cross

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Mostly pointless.

If you have a mobile phone connected to the 3 network, you'll see that their news service includes a story about the launch of the mobile version of h2g2, in the run-up to the cinematic release of "A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" (sic). As well as lifting Douglas' "I was only joking" quote from the front page of h2g2, the article goes on at some length about being able to access the guide from your mobile phone.

However, the 3 network doesn't offer WAP access and only allows the user to access content supplied by 3, so while you can read this article about h2g2 on your 3 phone, you can't go to the site. smiley - huh The article is, therefore, mostly pointless.

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It's a sad, nay, tragic event for self-respecting geeks everywhere. The Gadget Shop has gone bust. smiley - wah

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The Legend Of The Illinois Enema Bandit.

Ha! You saw this pop up in your conversations list and thought it was going to be one of 2legs' journal entries, didn't you? smiley - nahnah

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