Welcome to my sick and twisted world, where Homer Simpson is my God.

Im Piper,aka THE SCOOBIES(Kendra) blackcat
Im slightly Craaaazzzzzzzzzy! tongueout

musicalnote do de da de do do musicalnote

Hey guys! biggrin Well what can I say bout me.......I no theres something....well I love buffy!(obviously)

My fave characters r as follows
1.Spike (so very hot and funny)
2.Willow (so cool cool)
3.Xander (hes really funny)
4.Buffy (tough and pretty)
5.Angel (hot and broody)

My fave episode is Lovers Walk (season 3)
My fave seasons are 2,3 and 4.

My fave couple are loveWillow and Ozlove They are so cute together!

Im The Simpsons biggest fan,I also love Futurama and Family guy 2.
Homer and Bender r my fave characters!

My fave band is Blink 182,I also like Green day and Good Charlotte.(basically punk rock) musicalnote biggrin

Im also a 17 year old girl! Im usually a funny,witty and chatty person or so Im told!
so dont hesitate 2 leave me a message.

Theres my biggrin bestest friend in the whole world biggrin the one and only, Dark Willow - the scoobies Willow U224578
shes very,very coolcool(even thats an understatement) and also insane(just like me!) Sometimes shes an airplane or a magnet or even a bird, but then again sometimes Im a boat or a spinning chair or even a rug, so were both craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy! But shes also very funny! biggrintongueout

Meet the rest of the scoobies:
Amanda - U552064
Amy - U540966
Anya - A1124308
Buffy - A1182412
Cordelia - U233320
Darla - U248424
Dawn - U250945
Giles - A1233730
Glory - U516337
Halfrek - U643469
Harmony - U241775
Jenny - U219470
Joyce - U229478
Kennedy - U529127
Maggie - U231301
Molly - U222370
My good friend Oz - U532887
Riley - U713748
Tara - U714823
Vi - U543321

And the Team Angel members:
Angel - U528954
Connor - U678583
Cordelia - U233320
Darla - U248424
Doyle - U227199
Drusilla - U515673
Eve - U649805
Faith - U239680
Fred - U616993
Gunn - U569297
Gwen - U212929
Harmony - U241775
Kate - U537485
Lorne - U652530
Spike - U521797
Wesley - U544775

Also a good friend of mine
ForeverMe - U519033

If u want somewhere 2 relax and have a drink try U241881

THE SCOOBIES and TEAM ANGEL Club Room A2657469.

If u have time y not pop into My place U556909

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Piper-TEAM BUFFY(Kendra)"Homer Simpson is my God! To alcohol, the cause of and solution to all of lifes problems!"

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