this is stupid

i came across this site quite randomly, and out of idle curiosoty decided to see what the 'guide' had to say about socialism, which is what i happened to be thinking about. i read the entry on socialism and... at this point i would like to warn people that the following contains swearwords. it has been brought to my attention that the h2g2 community is full of terribly nice chaps who don't like the filthy common habit of swearing. so, you have been warned. if you want to shield your childrens eyes or whatever, do it now.

anyway, i read the bit on socialism, and thought this is b******s. so i wrote a faintly rude article saying exacttly what was b******s about it, and got a reply back from some jumped up twit with a ridiculous name saying they didn't like the swearing. well, arse to that. and i used ***'s anyway. they really won't like what i've said about the communism entry, which is even ruder. i'm sorry but that one really pissed me off. not only was it rightwing b******s, it was *inept* rightwing b******s. and it was part of the 'edited' guide which i understand means it has been through some kind of peer review process and found to be acceptable and accurate and so on. well, if those editor types are this guy's peers, they must all be cretins too. it's a pity because some of the other bits on here are genuinely well done and funny. it seems they have high standards when it comes to articles about the rules of some obscure game, which could be completely made up for all i know, but when it comes to making silly-clever comments about something thousands of people believe passionately in, any old crap will do. or maybe he was just a friend of theirs.

i can see in this cosy community this kind of behaviour is not going to make me popular but who gives a f**k? i'm only on here cos it's raining and i'm terminally bored. so if i see any more brainless c*****y going on i will go and tell them they're all branless c**ts, because i don't just want to cause offence in a pointless way like a t**t.

but i'm not going to be patronised by anyone calling themselves Random Dumptruck Twiddler ACE and Scout(with annoying nasal twinge) the Second. who must have a lot of time on their hands. and the bbc is blatantly biased towards the ruling class point of view, which sucks.

while i'm here i might as well tell the only joke about the bbc that i know. i heard it off tony benn at marxism.

the bbc entered a rowing race with a japanese team. the japanese had eight people rowing and one person steering. the bbc had eight people steering and one person rowing. strangely, the bbc team lost by a mile.

the director-general, whatsisname, was very concerned about the poor performance of the rowing team, so he brought in a firm of management consultants to sort it out. the management consultants advised that there shouls be two steering managers, three assistant steering managers, three deputy steering advisers and that the rower should be given an incentive to row harder. at the next race the bbc did even worse. so the director general decided to sack the rower, sell the boat and award himself a large pay rise.

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