Gordon the Scout, Ringer of Bells, Keeper of Postal Codes and Maps That No One Can Re-fold Properly

Welcome to my space

I Survived Single Sign-on I found H2G2 after reading The Salmon of Doubt in early July 2002. My first exposure to Douglas Adams was back in the early 1980's when I listened to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on CBC Radio. It was repeated on another Ottawa radio station a year or two later by which time I had devoured all the books.

The later broadcast of the show had a prize awarded at the end of each episode to the first caller to correctly answer a skill-testing question based on the episode being played. I correctly answered the question "Who does the Ruler of the Universe call The Lord?"1 This won me copies of the records of the HHGTTG series. I still have them to this day and hope to transfer them to CDs at some point in the near future.

A bit more about me

Well, I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the capital of Canada. (Click here to see what the weather is like where I live.) I have a BA with Honours in Geography. A physical geographer by training, I concentrated on remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS). My honours research project was a bio-physical, bio-climatic resource assessment of the Niagara Peninsula with a view to growing grapes. Yes, I studied the location of vineyards! The field work was murder, but someone had to do it. Though I sampled the products of several wineries during the course of the research, I did not enjoy it. That would have been unprofessional. The fact that I brought several bottles of wine back from the field to share with my fellow students was strictly for research purposes.

Currently, I work for Statistics Canada as a statistical officer in the Environment Accounts and Statistics Division.

In my previous job, I programed the reception of several civilian remote sensing satellites. That job had a bit of a wow factor, but when you do it everyday for several years it becomes quite routine, particularly when you don't get to see a lot of imagery.

What I've done so far in H2G2

Here's what I've written or am working on:
  • A795585 Front page: September 3, 2002 smiley - wow
  • A810145 Front page: September 26, 2002 smiley - towel
  • A901937 Front page: January 21, 2003 smiley - yikes
I've also been a Scout. Click here for more information about H2G2 Scouts

Ideas I have for future entries

  • Handbells
  • Golden Lake, Ontario, Canada
  • Carleton University (Canada)
  • FRS Radios
  • ???

Keeper of Postal Codes and Maps No One Can Re-fold Properly

I hold the office of Keeper of Postal Codes and Maps No One Can Re-fold Properly, as proclaimed by U128652 in this message.

Are you from Ottawa?

If you're a Researcher from Ottawa, please visit A799914 and say "hi".

1+9+8+((6^1)*4) = 42

That's all I've got in my personal space right now. I'll add some more as time permits.
1The answer is his cat.


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Gordon, Ringer of Bells, Keeper of Postal Codes and Maps No One Can Re-fold Properly

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