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Marjorie Orr knows the score

I want to make it clear I only read the horoscopes for a laugh. This in yesterday's East Anglian gave me a proper chuckle;

"Uranus today will encourage you to come up with things that you haven't considered before. If you like a life that is absolutely routine, Uranus can be rather uncomfortable because it will challenge you to make changes and wake your life up."

smiley - wah

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Christ up a stick I'm depressed.

I work for someone 4 weeks from retirement who doesn't care what happens after that, training a temp who's only here for 3 months max, for a department overseen by someone who doesn't care what I get paid, in fact forgot to organise my being paid AT ALL when I was first properly put on the payroll, and someone else who won't care until he returns from half a year's holiday in NZ next month.

Why the smiley - bleep should I? I'm the one with clinical depression.

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My favourite seaside stroll

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Big shahtaht from Landin

innit. I had my NHS meeting this morning which was surprisingly entertaining, and have just spent a nice hour looking around the National Portrait Gallery. My primary motivation for going, the Vanity Fair exhibition, was 0„510 to get in so I couldn't afford it if I also wanted to get my friend a souvenir for her birthday. So I went in the shop and flicked through a book instead. smiley - erm

But anyhow I saw some stunning portraits in the meantime. All the usual Royal supects, religious figures - but some very arresting images in their midst, too many to remember. Ben Jonson, George Stephenson, Aldous Huxley, Laurie Lee, Amy Johnson. Stunning statuary of the likes of Tennyson and Darwin. Photos of Joseph Conrad. A bust of John Betjeman that made him look like a bit of an old tree. Plus, a self-portrait by my great-great-great-uncle, Sir Martin Archer-Shee.

Off to meet closer family this evening, after I've done some more touristy nonsense and gone to Forbidden Planet. smiley - evilgrin

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Effexor withdrawals

Going home in a minute. My prescription was not put through, I've only gone two days without my regular dose (150mg) and I've got the serious wibbles.

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