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Effexor withdrawals

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That $10 figure should've read $10K. Duh.

Effexor withdrawals

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Researcher U197087

Free healthcare can be good, apparently. I've had some decent experiences in A&E, with Mental Health services and Primary Care. It's only when something goes wrong the whole "what do I pay my taxes for?" argument drags all of us down.

Effexor withdrawals

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Researcher U197087

The problem here seems to be that Tony Blair's government threw tens of billions at the NHS, but consequently created so many levels of authority and target-driven auditing that services are now being cut or downscaled to accomodate the cost of not meeting them.

Our trust is campaigning for Foundation status, which is supposed to encourage a bottom-up service development paradigm, or something. I'm not hanging around to find out.

Effexor withdrawals

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Here in jolly ol' Socialist type France, they've just removed the right to free eye tests, even if you have a pre-existing eye condition; if you are on benefits. Plus upped presription charges by another 5%. This place had the best healthcare system in Europe.

It honestly gets to the stage where you have to choose between eating, communicating or getting med stuff.

Then they wonder why "we" get depressed??????

*snarls & storms the Bastilles*


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Effexor withdrawals

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