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Of course I an Nick. I'm a very kind and thoughtful person, who knows that it's more fun for visitors to get stuck in with the dusting whilst I stand a sensible distance away and give helpful hints and advice.

You've missed a bit over by the beanbag btw. smiley - angel

Bell towers are intersting, work is in it's usual end of term madness state, and life in general is fine.

We've set a date, and booked the church and the Viccar and the bells (try keeping the ringers away from this one more like it.) So all we need to do now is find and book a suitable village hall, and a band and then we can forget about arranging anything else until the summer.

smiley - erm Shopping? Why would I want to be doing any of that?

Just in passing, ...

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Rev Nick { Only the dead are without fear }

*lifts and re-positions the bean-bag ON the smidgeon of dust ... smiley - whistle*

I guess this week will be nearly the end of the work stretch for you, won't it? Until the new year again, when all the partied-out, long faces drag themselves back to the study-mode. smiley - laugh For ourselves, I do have the full week off (December 22 through Jan 1 inclusive) but milady will work the last couple of days of the year. No vacation time left. smiley - erm

But we have shopped for a couple of preferred neices, of course our daughter and the 3.8 grand-children, etc. I still have to find one or five little thingies for the missus, but other-wise, our seasonal stuff is met. In fact, the Posties have been phenomenal in getting parcels and cards across this country and even across the Atlantic Puddle. smiley - biggrin

Pleased to hear the scheming, plotting and planning for the nuptials is well in-hand. Having been there and done that twice, I can only say ... much better you than I. smiley - evilgrin

And of course you are right, you have no need to shop. Simply large denominations of currency (yours or mine) will do quite nicely. smiley - laugh

Just in passing, ...

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Rev Nick { Only the dead are without fear }

smiley - yikes and It HAS been a while since I dusted in here ...

Ah well, a bit of lurky-lurking reminded me that this week-end was quite a momentous one for you. I do hope all went perfectly, and that a "happily ever after" is the order of your day. smiley - smiley

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