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Things that go bump in the night.....

No, not Mu Beta this time....

I've just spent an evening programming the lights at our local theater ready for our production of 'Amadeus'. Dress rehearsals start on Monday, so I was keen to get it done. Due to work, and theater bookings the only time I could access the tech gallery to do the job was tonight.

Now due to all the bell ringing I've done over the years, I'm used to hanging about at all sorts of odd hours in churches and graveyards and I've never felt bothered by either being there on my own (waiting for people to arrive), or the occasional 'odd' presence that I've encountered.

So surely, I shouldn't have succumbed to making myself jump at every 'ping' and 'thud' that echoed round our very small auditorium tonight - after all it was just the lights expanding etc. I certainly shouldn't have jumped half out of my skin after encountering the pile of bin bags outside the side door as I locked up......

A funny thing the human mind.

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I've finally found out which email address I used to set up my hootoo account. smiley - smiley

So I don't need to wait for a guru transfer - I've found my own way back. smiley - stiffdrink

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Dropping in

smiley - smiley Hello to anyone who is still out there.

Just dropping by to check that I still exist. I will be back!!!

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You know you’re watching a football match at an agricultura college when......

Every time the smiley - football goes over the back line at the bottom end of the pitch it dissapears through a hedge and into a connifer plantation.

At least its giving the subs. something to do – hunting about for all the lost ball.

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What the cattle won’t eat, the campus staff will!

Thorntons made too many Easter eggs this year. So, to save them all going to waste they were melted back down and turned into chocolate drops and loaded into giant plastic sacks.

These were then marketed to farmers for fattening up their beef cattle. The chocolate drops are much, much cheaper than grain to buy at the moment, and so one of our tutors brought several sacks (white smiley - choc and milk smiley - choc) for her bullocks. The animals in question apparently took a mouthful each, chewed briefly, and then spat the smiley - choc back out.

So in the campus office this morning sit two large sacks, and loads of small plastic bags for people to help themselves to the remains of the cattle’s supper. At some point this weekend I’ll be making raspberry and white smiley - choc muffins. smiley - biggrin We’ll eat almost anything out here in the sticks. smiley - winkeye

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