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A question for folks.

Would appreciate an answer - can't be bothered to put it up on ask h2g2 if yous guys know.

How important is an undergraduate Batchelors degree? I've been looking at courses to try and find a temporary career (ie : so I can make money to live instead of sponging off people - I'm officially getting too old to do that now), and the one that seems perfect for me requires me to have that.

I don't.

Should I move onto finding another option, or should I give it a go and email the college (it's here in Canada) in a wild attempt at pot luck to see if they would let me do the course anyway?

smiley - erm

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Latest reply: Apr 19, 2004

The Meet & A Drunken Email.

Well, actually, it should be the other way around.

aka just sent me a drunken email (NEVER USE THE INTERNET WHILST DRUNK!) which reminded me that he is, indeed, 18 in a few days. I've not got his present yet (everyone deserves to have presents on their 18th - I didn't), and I'll probably post it when I get back to the UK, but he reminded me of a time when he said he would only go to a h2g2 meet when he was old enough to drink.

Oh aaaaaaaaaaaka. Are you going to the meet?

Plus, am I right in seeing that it is in July? On the 10th? If so, that is 7 days before my birthday...

smiley - whistle

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Stuff I put on Teh Laptop.

*ZoneAlarm Firewall
*AVG (Antivirus)
*A whole bunch of wallpapers from deviantart
*The Matrix icons (that are oddly enough not cheesy)
*All my files
*WinAmp 5.03
*A skin for the above.
*The Sims : Deluxe edition

To be added :




(Not decided yet)

*Morpheus (for all those who know what that is)

Being as I am using the Mac right now, that's all I can remember. But it is finally looking like my own piece of tat, instead of something that's just been fixed up and sold on to some unknowing pleb.

smiley - smiley

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Better than the second coming! My LAPTOP just arrived!

My hands were shaking so bad, I could barely sign the little electronic pad.

Yey UPS! 7 days it took to come!

smiley - run

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Things I have done today.

Got up.

Checked all blogs, the ETS messageboards plus all of this morning's news.

Talked to 4 people on IM at the same time.

Showered. Got dressed.

Made dinner - had veggie weird pretend meat round things with fried onions, and salad wraps w/lettuce, tomato and spring onion.

Swept and cleaned the floor quite vigorously. smiley - puff

And now, I am listening to the radio, browsing hootoo and writing.

smiley - smiley

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