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Being stalked.

And they will post on this thread, because they read every post I write on this site. I'd just like to inform people that it is happening, and my instant messaging information may or may not change in the next few days.

Remember folks :

People lie.
Everything you say on the net is recorded.

And yes, this is a direct outcome of *that* which happened 5 months ago. And no, I don't blame individuals. But I do cast a wary eye over certain unnamed people whose tendancies are to believe the stalker rather than the stalkee.

The wheels are in motion. Won't talk about it onsite, but I will be available on email to explain and attach documented proof.

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Latest reply: May 19, 2004

Free teabag!

I ordered one. Fantastic. That's good tea too.

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Back in the UK.

And I am achingly homesick for Canada. smiley - blue Keep crying all the time. To come back into a pit of stinking vomit, after being in the mountains for months...tch. Thus is life.

Plan -

1) Get job
2) Go to college
3) Finish college
4) Get the hell back to Vancouver.

smiley - cry

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Latest reply: Apr 29, 2004

Just so you know...

...won't be online for at least three days. Going home. No, I'm not happy about it, but sometimes, you have to do things you don't want to for a good reason. This is one of them.

(In other news, I just signed up to beta test Gmail - Google's new email system. Not sure how many folks have the opportunity, but I got the chance via Blogger. Can't use it to great extremes on this browser, but I'll get to it when I am back on one that is compatible.)

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I am...

eating : wasabi peas
drinking : water
listening to : the "Perfect Drug" remixes
smelling : fresh air
internetting : jumping around freaky LJs
doing next : watching "That 70's Show" at 7pm

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