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Hello Teaswill.
I don't know if you know that I've taken over the <./>Scavengers</.> from Matt, and hope to promote rescuing articles from the <./>Writing-Fleamarket</.>

I've started writing articles for <./>ThePost</.> promoting doing Flea Market rescues, one a month. Each month I plan to write an article about the Flea Market and would like to include interviews with the people involved in it (the first issue is here: A87784258).

I'd like to include an interview with someone who has done Flea Market Rescues in the past, but not recently. If you'd like to take part, then that is great, but if not, then that's fine too. Just let me know.

If you did want to take part, please answer the questions below – or even make your own related questions up and answer them instead!

So far, you have four approved Flea Market Rescues:

A35471667- Art School in the UK (2008)
A87740391 - A to Z of Black (2012)
A77562011 – Disability (2010)
A50669805 - Retinopathy of Prematurity (2009)

I'd like to ask you some questions about these, if you don't mind?

What made you decide to rescue these?

Would you only rescue articles about subjects you know well?

Is there any reason why you have not rescued an article from the Flea Market recently?

You have 4 accepted Flea Market Rescues – one more rescue and you would qualify for a Scavengers badge! Do you think that being given a badge in recognition for rescuing 5 articles from the Flea Market is encouraging or motivating at all?

Did you approach a Flea Market Rescue any differently to how you write an article from scratch? Is it easier or more difficult?

I see you have started an article on A to Z of White – has doing Flea Market Rescues inspired you to start writing your own articles?

When you write a Flea Market rescue, how do you decide what to keep and what to edit, and how much of a right do you feel that you have in making decisions about the article?

Would you recommend doing Flea Market rescues to other researchers?

I hope to hear back from you. Thanks for your time for reading this.smiley - ok


Teaswill - Interview request

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Happy to oblige!

Subjects I felt I had sufficient knowledge to tackle. Easier than thinking up topics for myself!

Yes, although I might pick up ones that sparked my interest enough to discover more.

Nothing that took my fancy, also busy with other matters.

Yes, having got within reach of a badge I'm slightly looking out for a suitable fifth entry.

Yes it is different because there is a framework to look at as opposed to having to build one's own. It can be easier if there's a good basis to start from. However the writing style might not match mine and I have found myself doing a near complete re-write.>

I had already written a few of my own but had run out of ideas. The A to Z of White seemed a good companion to A to Z of Black. (Must get it finished off & into Peer Review!)

Tricky. At first I felt that all I should do is make additions to finish them off, but having gone through Peer Review I realise I am at liberty to do a more radical re-write if that seems necessary. It depends how substantial the entry is already and in what style.

Yes, if you haven't any ideas. But it can be difficult if the writing style doesn't match yours.

Hope that's helpful!

Teasswill - Interview request

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First of all - sorry about spelling your name wrong - twice!smiley - doh

But thanks for answering the questions smiley - smiley The interview won't be included in smiley - thepost until some time in March (I expect February's edition to be in <./>ThePost</.> next week, and it will definitely be in the March edition), but when I know when it'll appear I'll let you know!


Teasswill - Interview request

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The interview is now in smiley - thepost! See: A87787165


Teasswill - Interview request

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smiley - ta
Now I've finished A - Z of White, I must find a new one to work on!

Teasswill - Interview request

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Hello - I'd like to congratulate you on earning your Scavenger badge!

I'm still doing the SuperMarket column in smiley - thepost, and as you've earned the Scavenger badge, I was wondering if you would like to say a few words that I can quote. I didn't know whether you'd like a new interview, or if there's anything you wish you'd said last time or would like to add having now written another Flea Market Rescue. But I'd definitely like to include something from you.

Any questions, please let me know!


Teasswill - Interview request

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I'm quite chuffed to have the badge - good to see that the powers that be keep track and awarded the badge without me having to apply.

I shall probably continue to browse the Flea Market for entries to work on!

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