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Times they are a-changing

Having given notice that I would stop work when my clinic moved location, the matter was taken out of my hands by COVID-19. All my clinics cancelled anyway & presumably no move either. So I've been laid off (as only bank staff) & might be asked to go back to clear the backlog.
In the meantime, all other group activities ceased too so it's a bit like Summer holidays - even weather wise at the moment. So fortunate to be in a pleasant location with plenty to do. Today I cleaned all my Winter boots & put them away. Also did some gardening at the front which meant I could say hello to everyone who walked by.
Living one day at a time & wondering what sort of changes will come.

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Last year, after 40 years, I left my 3 day a week hospital job as fed up with the long commute & various changes in the workplace. Claimed my first pension pot & continued with my one day at local hospital as well as taking up some new leisure activities.
I hadn't planned to retire just yet, although I am eligible this May to do so, as I do still enjoy my work.
Now my dept head is intending to move my clinic (2 days a week, colleague does the other day) to an outpost further away (largely to make space for a more lucrative clinic). I really don't want to move - longer car journey or even longer by public transport & can only see problems rather than benefits to the move. It's supposed to be a 1 yr trial but I know how these things go, I can't see that we'd ever move back.
I now have to decide - do I retire before the move, do I try the new location & resign soon if I don't like it, or accept the move, make the best of & carry on until I do feel like retiring.
Am planning to do a dummy run by car to see how I feel about the journey & have lots of questions to ask. It's such a shame as I was looking forward to ending my career in the current location.

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Time to fritter away...

Having given up 2 of my 3 working days, it's utterly delightful to have more free time. I've started 2 new classes (ballet & Italian) which means I have something to do most mornings. Afternoons (apart from spreading out the chores that I used to cram into odd afternoons/ weekends) I can indulge in hobbies etc.
At the weekend I was sewing sequins on a fairy outfit for panto & this afternoon I've been working on a rat sound effect for a forthcoming ghost walk.
I wonder how long it will be before I retire completely....

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What's that noise?

Doing the ironing yesterday afternoon, kept hearing an occasional squeak - thought it was the board shifting. No, still happening when I took the laundry upstairs. Oh no, I thought, a baby bird has got stuck indoors somewhere... we stood & listened to try & locate the source.... got a torch to shine in dark corners, under shelves.... finally realised it was the smoke detector telling us the battery needed changing smiley - doh

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Upgraded ears

An early Christmas present to myself has been hearing aids!
I've had tinnitus for some years which had gradually got worse. As seemed to be confined to one ear, went to the GP in the Summer to get an NHS hearing test, which I thought might be more impartial than a private one. Result was mild to moderate hearing loss, no need for further investigation of my tinnitus & no need to do anything unless it was causing me a problem.

Recently decided I was struggling to hear certain voices enough to take things further & booked a private appointment. Very thorough test showed an interesting dip in the ear with tinnitus & having tried some sample aids for 15 min, chose to go ahead with some fancy RITE (receiver in the ear) ones.

I've had them for 10 days now & am really pleased. All the new beeps & noises I'm hearing around the house are quite a novelty - even textures seem more intense with sound attached. I'm enjoying TV better, haven't had to concentrate so hard hearing at work and coped brilliantly at a noisy group dinner out. The aids have even been configured for my language class smiley - wow, but I haven't had a chance to test that out yet. A bit odd having to hold the phone earpiece in a different place so the behind the ear mic can pick the sound up. But the aids are wirelessly paired with my iphone so music & phone calls from that come direct into my ears smiley - cool!!

Very discreet, hardly visible at all. Took a few days to get used to wearing them & they're not 100% comfortable but not far off. A bit of a bother cleaning them before putting them on in the morning, but as I've splashed out on rechargeable ones, easy to pop them in the charger at night. How dull everything seems without them! Tinnitus generally less noticeable with them on so overall well worth having. Just working out the cost per day so far....

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