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And thus begins a new month - new UPM - a got another comic in the paper

Submitted for your approval.

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Latest reply: Apr 3, 2006

Finally a journal about comics instead of that dreary game!

Thats right! It may have been two weeks late but I think the wait made this comic all the sweeter!

Dedicated to the friendship I share with Benjahv whenever he happens to be online it is the 13th Army of Evil comic!

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Urban Dead - Slander and assualt!

On Urban Dead another group called the Regulator's Alliance has assualted Evil Army member Tavaron. Simultaneously, myself and Anole were also killed in the game. This cannot be a coincedence. I have reason to believe that this group is targeting us for assualt. They have acccused us of cheating. I believe a war might be forthcoming.

I need all Evil Army members on Urban Dead to be aware and wary of the Regulators Alliance. Do not attack first; I will not be accused of striking first.

Also, any new members to bolstor the ranks would be appreciated.

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Where have all the comics gone?

Into new Hershey's Comics n Cream! A mouthful of hilarity in every bite!

Anyway, I've missed a few update days recently. So heres the long awaited Un Pequeno Mal installment.

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Latest reply: Mar 28, 2006

New art.

Artwork with GodBen as the central focus. I hope you all like it and he doesn't get upset. Please comment; this took a lot of experimentation to make.

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Latest reply: Mar 16, 2006

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