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I am teh artist. I draws the peoples.

In case some of you didn't know I've been retained from last year to draw comics for my college paper. Yes. Hypothetically I'm getting paid to draw. Take that college education!

I haven't uploaded all the comics yet because I'm giving you time to recover from the hilarity between each one but here's the ones I have uploaded so far: - ALE 6: Hah! The DMV is a treasure trove of potential jokes. - ALE 7: How could I not make a joke about public transport? - ALE 8: Ornithologist. - ALE 9: Look closely at the upper right corner.

I expect that all of you will be showering me in praise or failing that, water.

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The Amazing Screw-On Head

Its a new cartoon by the creator of Hellboy. Its one of those alternate history dealies. Screw-On Head is a bodiless secret agent who's boss is Abraham Lincoln. Take it from me, this show is hilarious. Its showing on the SciFi channel or on if you have a good internet connection.

You will not regret you watched it. Unless you're offended by the potrayel of sexy vampiresses or people with no bodies or something.

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Army of Evil # 15...

... is drawn, scanned, colored, buried in soft peat, recycled as firestarters, and uploaded to deviantart. Please comment. This one caused me some amount of grief.

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TB is in the comizzle.

Now please stop him from killing me for talking like that. - New UPM

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If you are feeling amused, clap your hands *CLAP CLAP*

A belated 4th of July comic. With exploding Anoles. The flying panda commands you to read it. And to wish my sister a happy birthday.

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