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Bet your wondering when I'll update Army of Evil.

The answer is: Not today. - New Un Pequeno Mal. A semi-continuation from the last one.

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Latest reply: Jun 28, 2006

Comic for June 14th

Hey. I know I've been skipping some updates of Army of Evil but I always have good ol' UPM to fall back on. This stuff practically writes itself. I should probably hire an exorcist. The pen moving itself is kind of unnverving.

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Comic for 6-7

Its new. Its improved. Its

Or something. Comment and I will spare thee.

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Army of Evil Ch 2

Is it just me or have I been doing a lot more journals recently.

If its getting too annoying for all of you, I'll figure out some other way to blatently plug.


Keep in mind that this is a chapter page, so theres not as much comicy goodness (its debatable whether there ever was any). Its just a single strange image brought from the mind of me to the eyes of you.

I probably didn't mention it yet on hootoo but I've been trying to adhere to a new comic schedule.

A new Army of Evil on monday and friday and a new Un Pequeno Mal on wednesday and an extra one on saturday time permitting, which time isn't doing this weekend.

Anyways, I've probably rambled on long enough considering that the only real content is the link. I'll be working hard this weekend to bring an actual comic on monday.

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Another comic

I have nothing to say except: Enjoy.

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