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Welp. I graduated. I now have a master's degree.

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Latest reply: Dec 17, 2011

Happy birthday

To me. Another year older, another year closer to becoming a eldritch horror. Hypothetically at least.

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Latest reply: May 15, 2009

New comics

Two new comics for/from my uni's paper. And next Wednesday is approximately the one year anniversity of when I started. - ALE 17 - ALE 18

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First drink of the day *guitar riff*

I fooled you with my comic titlery! It's actually the first comic of the year but you should go check out "First Drink of the Day" at

Anyway: - UPM 14

Clearly my awesomeitude is only matched by my ego.

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Update of Apathetic Proportions!

It's once again time to plug some the comics and sketches I've been doing: - ALE 10 Zombies: can't live with 'em, can't shewt 'em. - ALE 11 The description under the comic is important. - ALE 12 Likewise - ALE 13 Death becomes him ALE 14 What's up with McDonalds? ALE 15 Happy Turkey Day! ALE 16 You got to have a heart before you can have an attack. - UPM 13 School can be scary - Sketch: Mister Eight returns Sketch: "My name is Ozymandias, King of kings" Sketch: Evil gets his groove back Sketch: I honestly don't remember what this picture is of.


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