The Mystical Fish

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Herein lies the tale of The Mystical Fish: How he rose from humble beginnings to his current state as Prophet of the Celestial Goldfish Bowl.

In the Beginning

In the beginning The Mystical Fish was merely a small fish that called a small rock pool on the banks of the River Mersey home. The rock pool was not very big but to the small fish it seemed like an ocean. Then one day a boy came down to play on the banks, and because he had never seen people before, the little fish swam up to the surface to take a closer look. The little boy spotted the fish and thought,
“That’d make a good pet.”
So he caught the fish and took him home.

The Years of Enlightenment

The little boy took the fish home and put him in his garden pond with several other fish. A wise old carp named William took a shine to the new addition and decided that this little fish was someone he could impart his vast experience of the world on. The little fish spent many an afternoon in Williams company and learned about cats, how to be first to the food and the other great wonders of the fishy world. Then one night while he slept he had a dream. A dream that would change his life forever.

The Dream

The dream was this: the little fish was swimming in the most beautiful water he had ever seen, it was crystal clear and as warm as the Mediterranean sea he had heard William talk about. Suddenly a voice from nowhere said
“Hello little fish. I’ve been waiting for you.”
“Wh..Where am I?”
stammered the little fish, quite afraid now.
“You are in the Celestial Goldfish Bowl, the paradise that good fish go to when they die. I am ‡#* 1 and I have brought you here for a purpose. I wish you to be my link to the material world, to spread the wisdom that I will give to you and consequently, to make the fish world a better place. But this task is not restricted to Earth, there are many aquatic planets in this Galaxy and I need you to go to them and teach them about the Celestial Goldfish bowl too. Are you willing to except this task and become my prophet – The Mystical Fish?”
“Yes I am!”
replied the little fish, suddenly filled with a sense of purpose.
Replied the voice. Suddenly the little fish felt amazing amounts of knowledge flow into his mind and his body felt like it would explode with the new powers that coursed through it giving him strange abilities such as the powers to speak to any creature and be understood and the power to assume any form he wished. When he awoke he was no longer in the pond but in a huge ocean that stretched as far as he could see. For a moment he felt sad that he had left his dear friend William behind, but was comforted by the fact he knew that ‡#* was watching over him. Content in this knowledge the little fish set off on his new mission.

Thus was The Mystical Fish born!


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1it is forbidden to speak the God of fish’s name


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