The Jazz Cellar

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"You got any I.D?"
Asks the big burley guy in the leather jacket standing by the door, gesturing towards the sign nailed to the wall:

Musician's Guild Members just show your badge.
None MuG's must sing the opening line from a
Jazz classic.

You'll have to excuse Reg our bouncer, he's not the brightest but he enjoys his job and has a great bass voice.

Right, now you're inside lets take a look around. Just inside the front door is an easel with a poster on it proclaiming who's going to be providing the entertainment for tonight (see the Easel). As you step inside the main room of the club you can make out in the dim light the bar to your right with Carlos the barman mixing a Manhattan for one of the ladies. Right in front of you is the stage on which the first act for tonight are setting up, the drummer and bassist jamming an old Sinatra song whilst the pianist runs through some vocal exercise with the singer. Next to the stage is the door to the backstage area where the changing rooms are.

Over to the left is the Memorabilia room, full of jazz memories – Luis Armstrong's trumpet and Nina Simone's piano just to name two of the most notable pieces. The walls of the room are lined with photographs of all the great jazz performers, some autographed, some not.

Wander back into the main room and find yourself a table to sit at, or why not take over one of the luxurious leather sofas that are dotted around the place. Call over one of the waitresses, order your drink, sit back and chill out to the JAZZ!

The Drinks List

smiley - stiffdrinkCocktails smiley - stiffdrink

All Blues Bellini

Brandy Alexanders Ragtime

Champagne Coctail Lady

Delta Dawn Daiquiri

Long Island Iced Tea And All That Jazz

These Foolish Tequila Sunrises

More Than You Know Margarita

Moon River Martini


Peel Me A Grape Stinger

Preacher Boy Peach

Girl From Ipanema Libre

Georgia On My Mind Gin and Tonic

If you fancy something not on the list or have a custom cocktail that you want to request just ask at the bar.

Our Patrons

All of our patrons are members of the greatest Jazz band this side of the Sun Zarss - Yossarian Prefect and the Hoopy Hoopsters!

Yossarian Prefect

The Mystical Fish (MuG and CFU6 operative)

One-eye, Keeper of Dullness, gentleman, MuG, generally satisfied


Bumblebee (Wearing pink frilly knickers with blue polka-dots)


Pierce the Pirate (captain of "The Blood of the Zaphodistas")

Affiliated Establishment

The H2G2 Aroma Café

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