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Oi! You!

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Aries (ACE)

Hello, I am an extremely upset researcher who was very unfairly overlooked.

My application to become a God has, as yet gone unanswered (By all except Aximili). And you have been online because I see you.

*points finger accusingly*

I want this injustice righted ASAP. Or I will bring my considerable experience of assassination to bear upon you smiley - evilgrin


smiley - ok

Oi! You!

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*A dust bunny shapeshifts into Aximili*

Sorry about this, Apollo. I'm just a rather bored individual along for the ride. I know you don't get on HooToo very often, and how easy it must be to overlook a single posting in lots of backlog. Still, poor Aries does have a point. Make amends quickly and I shall be forced to... to... turn you into something nasty. But I don't really want to do that, so just please accept Aries' application.

*To Aries* It might help if you post the link to the Become A God convo here, so Apollo knows when you posted, and the full details of your request.

Oi! You!

Post 3

Aries (ACE)

Good idea: Pleeeaaasssee Apollo!

Oi! You!

Post 4


Y'know, it might help if you posted here too. It IS the official joining thread, after allsmiley - winkeye That could have something to do with it.

Also, I want a share of that booze you promised in the Valhalla for doing thissmiley - winkeye

Oi! You!

Post 5


A-Ha!! You uncovered the joining thread smiley - winkeye

Now I suppose I won't have to uniformly smite the lot of you. Not that I would smiley - ok

Oi! You!

Post 6


See, Aries, I just saved you from a smiting. Trust me, those REALLY hurt.

Oi! You!

Post 7

Aries (ACE)

Hi Apollo, good to see you back!

Smiting? I don't care for smiting other gods because it doesn't have the right effect. Smiting mortals, I can do smiley - ok

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