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A Journal Entry from Apollo?!?

Yeah... I decided to write a journal entry. One every two years isn't too bad, is it?

As you read this, I'm probably in Orlando, Florida...and no, I'm not going for Disneyworld (though I do get to spend a day there smiley - winkeye ). I'm actually there for a convention. A university service organization, Circle K, has an International Convention every year, and this year they picked Orlando! Being that I'm one of the "higher ups", I have lots of responsibilities (officer training, workshops on service projects, committee work, blah blah blah), but I'm also going to have an amazing time with my friends from all over the world! Any of you in Kiwanis, Circle K, or Key Club know what I'm talking about smiley - biggrin. So wish me luck as I try not to make a fool out of myself hosting the Talent Show in front of about 1,000 people smiley - erm. Luckily, I make myself easy to laugh at smiley - winkeye

Oh yes, and when I get back, we're having a birthday party for SaturnGirl (B-Day August 20th)...don't miss it!

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The Summer...

Well well, my favorite part of the year is here! Summer!! Swimming in pools and lakes (southern Illinois, no ocean smiley - sadface ), lounging around during the day eating ice cream, driving aimlessly at night and partying till the next day...I love it!!

Of course, there's also band tour (see my Crimson Express link). 16 days on a couple tour busses crowded with 90 of your friends, the tour is awesome! The practices however, suck. Marching from 8-3 in 90 degree get a great tan though!

And then my job...yeah, the one at the nursing home. But they treat me well and I like most of the "residents". Old people are really cool...everyone should get to know some very well, they don't have a whole lot of time left.

Guess that's about it for my summer wrap-up. When I'm done, I get to come back and start college at SIU-C! I'm gonna hate being a freshman again...

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I sat down last night and FINALLY learned GuideML!! It's not really that bad, once you commit yourself to it smiley - smiley So, what do you think?? any suggestions?

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I just finished reading Dante's Inferno...what an amazing author! His symbolism, his attention to detail, his...well, creativity smiley - astounded me! Have any of you read Purgatorio or Paradiso?? If you have, do you recommend it?

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OK...I need some friendly advice. I really want to try and use GuideHTML, but I don't have much experience with it...

Anyone out there willing to be a tutor?

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