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Dear Friends

This December 8th is the 27th anniversary of John Lennon's passing.
You are welcome to visit at any time on Dec 8th
for a special message and video.

WAR IS OVER! artwork is now available for download at:
Print and display in your window, workplace, school, street, car, computer and elsewhere over the holiday season.

On December 8th, 11.15pm (your local time) remember John by taking a moment of quiet reflection. If you would like to play or sing the song "Imagine" and imagine a world of peace, just know that we are all together at that moment in every time zone, as IMAGINE PEACE makes its way around the world - every hour for 24 hours.

Send in stories and photos of what you did on December 8th to [email protected] for us, the family of Peace and Love, to tell us and tell us of your experiences. That would be lovely!

With deepest love
Yoko Ono Lennon

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SO:recently, we moved to our new house. It's very nice, and now we seem to never have any free:

    a) time, and
    b) money.
I'm sure you can relate.


I am not the best person to give relationship advice. That said, it seems like I frequently have to repeat the few small nuggets of wisdom I DO have on the subject. I have decided that I will post it here for posterity. (Maybe as a journal entry later.) It will save me the trouble of having to continually repeat myself, and it also means -- HA! you came to me! How can I be butting in if you came to MY webpage?? Don't say you weren't warned!!!

SO: for years, all my relationships ended badly. I spent most of my time in relationships tying myself in knots trying to make the other person happy, and ultimately they would either: a) break my heart and leave, b)cheat, break my heart, and leave, or c) steal everything I owned, cheat, break my heart, and leave.

(As an interesting variation, I once had to move out so she could move in with my roommate, but thankfully, she still stole everything I owned, cheated, and broke my heart so I'm still "batting 1000".)

I spent alot of time dealing with these issues, along with anxiety and depression, in therapy with a series of counselors who all generally proved to be a bit more screwed up than I was myself. So after the fifth therapist1 gave me horrible relationship advice, I stopped going to them. Some small span of time later, I had an epiphany listening to the song "The Dream Is Over" by Van Halen.2 (My wife is tired of hearing about it, which is another good reason to write it down here.) I decided that maybe the whole problem is that I spent all my time trying to make other people happy, when it turned out I wasn't even making MYSELF happy.

So I started doing things "just for me" that I had always wanted to do. I STOPPED asking girls what they wanted to do on dates. Heck, there's no telling how a date might go, but at least I started picking movies and shows -I- wanted to see, so that regardless of how bad the acutal date was, I might still enjoy the evening.3

I'm not saying be self-absorbed, but what I AM saying is FORGET ABOUT MEETING SOMEONE! Just stop it. Start doing things you enjoy doing, and when you are having fun and doing things that interest you, you'll start meeting people with similar interests, and dare I say it, even have a thing or two in common with you. You can't make other people happy, so just concentrate on making yourself happy and everything else will fall in line.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled webpage, already in progress.

I hope to contribute several definitive articles on things that might benefit others, and enrich the H2G2 Community once I figure out what the heck it is I might know that you might not know.

There used to be a section here saying that I intend to take larger, better lunches on a far grander scope than ever previously conceived, but I can't say that anymore. I've found a place called the Thurman Cafe, and they serve what is unquestionably, absolutely THE BEST HAMBURGER KNOWN (TO MAN). A full guide entry is forthcoming once current language catches up and the experience can be adequately described.

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Embarassing Turn of Events

I was told about H2G2 by another long-time Guide fan. So I signed up, made a page, and then promptly forgot about it for many months. Of course, I got married, and other things like that just kept cropping up at the last moment. Ultimately I had to re-register because I couldn't remember WHAT password I used with WHAT e-mail address.smiley - footinmouth Now you can visit the original egg on my face here4.



smiley - add a nice cup of Really «HOT» tea,flip a switch and hang on-- the galaxy can be a rough place.

"It's unpleasantly unlike being drunk."

"Well, what's wrong with being drunk?"

"Ask a glass of water."

-- Guide Researcher Ford Prefect on the experience of Hyperspace Travel.

Visit my webpage @ H2G2 or on the Internet.
1Have you ever noticed that the word "therapist" can be broken up into the words "the" and "rapist"?? Coincidence?? I think not.2As an amateur musician, I relate most things in my life to music. In this case, the song precedes "Right Now" on For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. The moral: you can't just listen to the radio hits, people!!3Several of these dates were disasterous, and comprise a chapter in a soon-to-be almost never finished book, the working title of which is "13 Going On 30" which I came up with LONG before that shitty movie came out.4Footnotes for no reason?!!!? You must be CRAZY!!!


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