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Don't you hate it when start to sober up *before* you go to bed?

I'mm off to bed now, before it gets any worse.

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Latest reply: Aug 28, 2005

I liked them first!

smiley - grr I'm really annoyed now. I've loved Foo Fighters since their first album, and now all of a sudden they're really popular, and I'm accidently *trendy* smiley - grr

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Latest reply: Aug 7, 2005

Not too shabby, even if I do say so myself, and I do

I got my finalised results back for last semester today.

HIST105 Hyperpower: The United States - An intro into US history, from before Columbus to the Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s.


ENGL104 Telling the Story - Intro into literature including Beowulf, Richard III, Genesis and Paradise Lost, Heart of Darkness, Emma, Rime of the Ancient Mariner and a few others.


ENGL235 Post-Colonial Fictions - 2nd year course focusing on literature from Burma and India in the last century, including Rudyard Kipling's Kim and Forster's Passage to India, and about 5 others, even more boring. Actually, I liked Kim.


Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with the two English ones, especially the Post-Colonial Fictions. I was so sick of that class by the end. I had a 3000 word assignment to do that was worth 30% and I wrote it in about 6 hours, not caring whether I passed or not, and I ended up with an A+. That was strange.

I'm a bit disappointed with the History result though. I didn't get less than an A for any of my assignments and I thought I did better in the exam than I did in my English exams, I actually studied for it, which is a bonus the other two classes didn't have, but I still only got an A-. Hopefully it won't matter in a few years when I decide if I want to do a doctorate.

Anyway, feel free to shower me with congratulations, or notsmiley - winkeye. I just felt the need to bragsmiley - biggrin

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Latest reply: Jul 25, 2005

Annoyed rant

OK, I'm getting just a little bit (actually quite a lot) p****d with one researcher on H2G2, to avoid a conflict (I just *hate* those things) he/she will remain nameless, unless someone agrees and joins with me in a rant, I am much less cowardlike when in a groupsmiley - winkeye.

The unnamed researcher will probably recognise him/herself if he/she reads this anyway, so I'll just have to avoid giving him/her a reason to visit my space.

Oh to hell with it, it's lordwolfden.

It seems like everywhere I go he's there or has been there.

He tries to get every conversation he is in moved to misc. chat without asking any of the other posters or the person who originally posted the question.

He has clogged up the conversation lists with stupid questions like (I kid you not) "What is your hair doing right now"

He is rude and judgemental, I mentioned getting drunk and he patronised me saying that when he was my age he thought the same way as me but now he knows better, which may be true, but no other researchers rub my nose in the fact that I'm younger than many of them, and of the two of us, which one is the boss of me?

He had an argument with another researcher (who had been here years longer than him) and he reproduced it on at least two of the threads where he was known and the other wasn't, reproduced it in detail and got the other posters to agree with him.

He goes on established threads like "What music are you listening to at this precise moment" and posts 5 - 10 times "nothing", "my keyboard" or "see above", ignoring the other poster's attempts to get him to shut up.

If no one answers him he post 10 times in a row to keep the thread at the top of the list I guess

He puts links to his threads or entries on threads completely unrelated to them.

I know normally I should just unsubscribe from all the conversations he is in and I have from ones like "Anyone fancy a chat" but I don't want to have to run from him.

I know that I am not the only one he is irritating, just look at the "H2G2 rage" thread on Ask H2G2.

To top it all off, he hasn't ever heard or read the Hitchhikers books or radio series.

Maybe I shouldn't mention this here, but I needed a rant, I hope no one yikeses me.

And if you're reading this lordwolfden, maybe you should think about how many people other than me you are alienating.

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I had my last two exams today, now I get a well deserved three week break. Not very long *grump*.

My brother's visiting from Australia on Saturday for a week; we are going bungee jumping, quad biking and whatever that strange word is when you're exploring caves. Also Go Karting, we're visiting a theme park with a cool looking roller coaster and one of those giant drop things, and more tame stuff like mini golf and we're going to visit the zoo, they have lots of monkeys, I like chimps.

I'm busy getting drunk now; I couldn't the last few days cos I had exams, but now I can, so I am. I'm so bored, it's nearly 1am here, so that means it's either 12 or 2 in the arvo in Britain (can't remember which, It's 13 hours ahead or behind, I think that means it's either 12 or 2 but I've failed maths every year since grade 10 so don't ask me), everyone's at work I guess, cos no one's talking to me.

For some reason H2G2s got refugees from some radio site, 450 people are on line now, there's normally only 40 or so at this time of night/day.

M*A*S*H should be on soon, don't know why they can't put it on at a decent time and put c**p like Everybody Loves Raymond (yah, finished) or the bl**dy Bernie Mac Show (who thinks up these things?) or that stupid thing with that black guy, Damon something, bald, got famous brothers, can't think what it's called, put that c**p on at 1 in the morning.

Urgh, I've got a headache, all the alcohol I've got is Kahlua and Baileys, nice to drink but useless to get drunk, it's too sweet, I like whiskey straight best, no headache, no hangover, fast results.

I'm looking forward to relaxing for a while, no assignments due, no guilty feeling because there's an exam in three days and I haven't started studying yet, no classes to feel guilty about sleeping through (as in sleeping in, not actually sleeping in the lecture theatre). I'm already feeling that enthusiastic feeling you get when you know you'll actually turn up for classes and do all the readings and study for the exams. It usually lasts at least a week into the new semester!

It's my friend's birthday tomorrow and I haven't sent her card yet. It's sitting in front of me now, looking accusingly at me. *Guilt* I actually bought it and filled it in and addressed it last week, so it'd be there on time. Oops. Oh well, better late than never, and she forgot my birthday altogether this year. Not even a text message smiley - sadface

There was meant to be that black and white movie with Billy Bob Thornton on tonight, I was going to watch it but they put on a special about the New Zealand golfer who won the US Tournament instead. Boring. Like anyone outside this tiny little country cares. Or most the people inside it (well, me, but I count!). It finished a while ago now we've got America's Most Wanted. It sure ain't CSI or Law and Order. These people are imbeciles. A cop just asked some loser if he understood his rights, so he says "you told me I got the right to remain silent", so the cop goes, "yeah, but do you understand your rights, it's a yes or no answer", looking for a yes so he doesn't get in trouble with the lawyers I guess, so the guy goes again "you told me I got the right to remain silent" in a real snotty voice, trying to sound tough and clever. There are some idiots in this world.

Ooh, M*A*S*H is on, Frank just stopped at a "Don't stop here, you're under direct enemy vision" sign, so he could get a snapshot. Frank: "I just want a shot of this" Hawkeye: "So do they!" I like the one's with Frank in, the first three seasons are good, I loved Trapper.

Well, congratulations if you got this far into my rant.

I'm going to think about going to bed soon.smiley - yawn

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