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William Blake

I found the most beautiful poem yesterday. I was looking at a book of William Blake's poems, and I opened it at random and found "Auguries of Innocence".

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I got 3 mices today!

Benji, Frankie, and Johnny Depp.

Frankie's really inquisitive, he's found all the toys and the food and water. He's the only one who's been on the wheel too.

Benji did some exploring but he's retired to the watering-can now.

Johnny Depp's a bit shy. He spent some time climbing up and down the tunnels, but he's been sleeping and washing himself in the watering-can for a while now.

They're so cute!

Here's a pic of their cage.

I've got a toy watering-can on its side on the bottom, and a tray of food on the other side, and a TV on the top with a hole in the back so they can sleep in it and look cute.

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Anyone speak gibberish?

I have an assignment to do about Robert Henryson's "The Preaching of the Swallow" for uni. Part of it is translating the poem into modern english prose. For those of you lucky (and smart) enough to have managed to avoid medieval literature up to now, here's a sample of what I have to translate:

Quhilk fleit, wes befoir with froises fell


Sum makand dyke, and sum the pleuch can wynd

smiley - groan This is going to take a while

And OK, yes, I now it's a classic, not gibberish, but why couldn't we stick to Chaucer?smiley - wah

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I just watched an ad that I've seen a hundred times before, and I only just got the dumbest joke...

Right at the end one guy says about the other "That's Frank. He's a fryer."

The guy's got a large bald spot on his head.


smiley - doh

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Body-less Dinosaurs and Dreamcatchers

I have a Native American dreamcatcher over my bed. Last night it fell off and I slept with it right next to my head.

I dreamt that a purple (? - I usually dream in black and white, so I'm a bit confused as to what colour it was - I get the feeling it was purple) cartoonish tyrannosaurus rex who was about to eat one of the 'littler' dinosaurs when all the herbivores restrained it. All these different dinosaurs pounced on the t-rex. I remember the brontisaurus wrapped it's neck around the t-rex's body. So, the poor t-rex was being carried along in this huge mass of dinosaurs. There were dozens of them all holding onto a part of him and all that was free was his right leg and he was waving it about, quite pathetically and mournfully. The dinosaurs eventually arrived at whereever they were going and it was decided that the best thing to do would be to cut off poor rexy's head. He was going along with this, he was quite sad, all he had wanted was some lunch, he hadn't wanted to hurt anyone and he didn't want his head to be cut off but he understood that it was all for the best. Next thing I know, rexy's head is sitting on the ground and there's some conversation, I can't remember it now but the t-rex head says something like, well, I at least want the reward for my capture. Apparently there'd been a reward, and seeing as rexy hadn't struggled or complained, the dinosaurs figured he might as well get the reward. So one dinosaur, who's starting to look like a human, looks up into the sky and raises his hands and says something like 'Oh powerful god, please deliver some money to make this dinosaur happy'. Rexy isn't convinced, but the priest dinosaur/human and all the other dinosaurs have gone off, and rexy's head is left sitting on the ground by himself. He sits there looking up at the sky, waiting for his money, not that he believes that it's coming, but he's a head without a body, what else is he going to do? Poor rexy, he sat and waited for 3 days and nights, ever hopeful.

It left me feeling quite sad and sorry for the poor thing.

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