Yes, I'm insane, but I don't care, or even notice.

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Er. Hello. I can't think of anything to write at the moment but I might do soon.... Have done now.

Don't take offence, but...


Sorry about the long bit at the top, but that is my full title after all. I received my Patron Saintdom on 29th September 2000. I was quite chuffed. I celebrated with smiley - fish and chips1.
I consider myself God because I am so great, but also Satan because I enjoy using dental appliances. I am immortal, and have lived for the better part of roughly 3,756,243,936 and a half years. As well as all this, I am a balding man in my late seventies.2
Now, with me being a Patron Saint, you better respect me. (Unless, of course, you like smiley - fish in which case you are almost equal with me. (no comments please. Or I will hit you with smiley - fish)

What I can tell you is that I live in Maidenhead in Berkshire. This is quite near the small village of London, in England. I am 14 years old. I will notify you of any changes which occur to this.


(Don't talk to me unless :

  1. you have made a bona fide attempt to talk to me in the normal way;
  2. your life would otherwise be in danger;
  3. you really want to.
  4. I mean this. smiley - fish )

We apologise for the inconvenience3.

Links etc

I have now adopted a cat, courtesy of Clelba (the Patron Saint of Chocolate Cats, and Keeper of Cats).The cat is also called Clelba. Here it is:

^ . . ^
= ' =

Click on its favourite food to go to Clelba's page:

smiley - fish

Why not have a closer look at dentists, or other Things That Make Your Skin Crawl? Of course, lesser mortals like YOU may squirm at these things, but I scorn your pitful forays into life. I hope you will all DIE (except you haven't really lived yet).
Go to my mate Matt's site here, or go to my mate Paranoid Android's site here.

.oooo..o..oOoo..oOoo..OOO.!.. ..oo.. ..O..oooo..oo..Oo..OoO.. ..OOo..oOo..o..oO..O.. ..oo..O.. ..oO..Oo.. ..oOO..oO..OoOO.. ..O..OOO.. ..OoOo..OOO..OO..OO..ooO..Oo..oo..OoOo..oO..O..o.. ..oOO..oo..O..oooo.. ..OoOO..OOO..ooO..oOo.. ..oOO..oo..O..oooo..OOO..ooO..O.. ..Oooo..o..oo..Oo..OOo.. ..Oo..oo..Oooo..Oooo..oOoo..o..Ooo.. ..oO..O.. .
Go here to find out what this means!
If you like, you can check to see who's online by clicking on my happy little smiley - tongueout
If you like, you can search H2G2 by clicking on my happy little smiley - smiley

Do you like cake? Then go to smiley - bigeyes
My 6-year-old brother has strong views about cows4. Tell me anything you want me to ask him and I will pass it on.

That's enough. You'll be guessing my brother's name5 next.

Thanks to Information Hiway for the dancing colour links! Point to Me!

Thanks to Bruce for this!

Thanks to the JavaScript Source for a lot of this JavaScript!
Here goes...
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smiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - bigeyessmiley - bigeyessmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fish

smiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - smileysmiley - winkeyesmiley - tongueoutsmiley - sadfacesmiley - bigeyessmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fish


You can adopt one of my dental appliances:
---O (the Funny Little Mirror Thingy) or

--- (the Toothpick Thing) or
__}>--- (The Drill!) or
__}>== (The Pliers)
If you do, please put a link into my page and tell everyone I gave these to you.

Skins Vote (Please)

Vote for your preferred H2G2 Skin here. If I get many results, I will post my results on this page. It'll be interesting to see which is more popular. If you don't know how to change between Alabaster and Classic GOO (click on these links to see the difference - by the way, I suggest going to another page and typing ?skin=classic or ?skin=alabaster to get an impartial view, because my page is anti - Alabaster and because of its temperamental nature, won't be viewed at all), login (if you haven't already), then go to your Preferences and change it there.
Those who like Alabaster No votes yet! smiley - sadfaceThose who like Classic GOO Three Votes!smiley - smiley (I don't count.)

Remember to post your vote!
This is still in the test stages... I can reply using it but I don't know whether others will. It may be that only I can reply because of some of the code. If it does work, it'll be much easier. smiley - smiley Have a go and see! If it is popular, I may reveal how to do this, and only if it works. It is a voting form for the Skin Vote.


The Bit about Guardian Angels

Click here to go to the Guardian Angels Homepage!

I am a member of the Guardian Angels. Click on the picture to the right to go to the homepage.

Below is a drop down menu for The Guardian Angels. I am one of their elite ranks, and I am honoured to be present on this list of saints. To be a GA, go to the homepage by finding Guardian Angels Homepage and clicking on View. (Or click on the picture, obviously.) You can do this for any Saint.
I have no idea why I am Patron Saint of Novocaine, exactly... I don't use the title that often, because I didn't ask for it. Anyway, I don't use any drugs, anaesthetics or anything to, er, pacify my victims and stop them screaming... Sorry, I mean patients! *Curses under breath. Damn! Let it out!*

/* fixer */
use THIS window use NEW window

aarrgg.. that doesn't seem to be working, but i can't be bothered to correct it now, i am tired...
Have fun, whatever you do! smiley - smiley Remember to vote for your favourite Skin!

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1And a Coke.2But only now and then.3Caused by my ramblings. If you can understand them, feel welcome to brag.4It's true! He loves them!5Daniel.


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