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If You Get Done with Lunch...

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Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

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If you do swing by HooToo again... at any given point in your lifetime... give me a shout.
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I'm back again, lending my Author skills via HooToo as an additional avenue to provide my stories to the world. There are tales to tell... And stories for you to read...
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So... don't be a stranger. At least, not any stranger than you were over a decade ago.
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If You Get Done with Lunch...

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A very LARGE Induhvidual

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You ~did~ come back! I just saw You!
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You better drop me a line, gal!
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If You Get Done with Lunch...

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Purr in Boots

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Ssee herre, little miss Titania... We'rre all going to crrowd arround in yeowr room until yeow chat with at leasst one of uss.
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Sso... don't jusst pass overr thesse messagess. Take a moment and ansswerr one of uss to let uss know you'rre doing alrright.
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Me, and B4, and LARRGE, and the Ganderr have all ffound ourr way back into HooToo. As ffor that TJ Weekss charracterr... Thingss have changed fforr him, too. Ai undersstand he iss no longerr tied to a toxic rrelationsship, though he is enamorred of and living with a lady named Willo, whom he met in Ssecond Liffe, an avatarr-bassed online community.
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That'ss all Ai know about him to thiss point. Anything elsse, you'll need to quiz him yeowrsselff...
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If You Get Done with Lunch...

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A very LARGE Induhvidual

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[A very LARGE Induhvidual ambles back into your Space, being ever-so-mindful of his extremities and his overhead clearance. He leaves a voice message on your machine.]

Beg pawdon, Miss Titania, for the earlier communication wot didn't sound so much like me. I was prawcticing my American accent and I've only ever paid much attention to Mister B4 and his ramblings. Good to knew yer adversary, if you take my meaning.

Be that as it may, there are a number of personages who would greatly appreciate some indication as you hawve heard them, and desire a confirmation or a dismissal of any further contact with you. If you would be so kind... Drop a short Yea or Nay in each of their letter boxes, or simplify the process by doing so for only Mister B4. I believe he's acting as their Agent here on H2G2, or more likely, their ring-leader.

Alles klar? Gut!

Ho-ho... That's me trying to imitate a German accent.
[LARGE then turns on his heels and makes his way out the door, whistling a tune both haunting and familiar...]
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If You Get Done with Lunch...

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take a Gander at this...

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^as the LARGE Induhvidual opens the door, a Large white Goose flies in, flapping and fluttering past the behemoth, molting a few feathers during its landing^

Qua-QUACK-quack-Quackity-QUACK! (What he said...!)

^the Gander bobs its head and cranes its neck, trying to determine if you understood^

Qua-QUACK-quack-Quackity-QUACK! (Okay... Well... I've got to fly...)

^just as spontaneously, the Gander turns, nudges open the door, and springs into the air, leaving only a small whirlwind of air currents to flutter the loose items in the room^
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If You Get Done with Lunch...

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El Squid de Castilla

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*A large humanoid Squid enters, carrying armloads of trinkets.*

Buenas tardes, mi Amiga.

*In one wriggling tentacle, he holds a cellophane-wrapped plate of Turrón, the nougat treat laced throughout with almond chips. On another, he's balancing a tray with six martini glasses, a clear dish of olives, some swizzle sticks, a fancy bottle of Gin Mare, and a bottle of Vermouth de Reus. On a third appendage, he has a large tray with six plates, each with a reasonable helping of Jamón Iberico and Manchego; in essence, a fancy ham and cheese platter. A fourth tentacle carries one massive plate of "crisps", with three bottles of Salsa Espinaler, for spicing things up a bit. His fifth and final goody-laden appendage clasps two bottles of Jerez Sherry by their necks, swinging them pendulum fashion, as if to entice the drinking of them. El Squid de Castilla moves forward, alternating the squiggling triumvirate of his remaining tentacles, and positions himself in the midst of the crowd of characters.*

Senorita is interesada en una pequeña comida? Oh, say Yes... Decir que sí... No one can resist a Spaniard bearing gifts, no?
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