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Back from the lunch break, at least temporarily

Due to a potential Manchester Meet.

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Latest reply: Mar 31, 2016

Taking a lunch break

I've always been a rather impulsive poster, posting on a whim, sometimes serious stuff, sometimes trivial stuff.

Now, I find myself weighing each word "on a golden scale" as we say in Sweden, and also anxiously checking how long ago I last posted in each thread.

Going from a casual poster to a careful one.

And I hate it.

*takes a deep breath*

So I'm going to take a break from h2g2. Maybe I've outgrown it, or it has outgrown me.

Take care, all.

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Ti: Elder Scrolls Online; impressions and experiences

Just now, I reported a player for sending me gold spam mail (ingame). When I tried to add the player to my ignore list, he/she was already on it.

Considering I've been away (w*rk conference) and haven't played for 48 hours, I'd say Zenimax is lagging seriously behind on banning gold spamming accounts.

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Searching for Sugar Man

Only for Swedish viewers, courtesy of SVT, available for another 29 days:

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Manchester Meet 2014

I have trouble finding a reasonably prized flight. Flying directly costs more than double (at the moment) than switching in Oslo with one and the same company; SAS smiley - huh

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