Just because you're paranoid...

... doesn't mean someone *isn't* out to get you.

*start scary and frankly unnecessary narrator voice* When nothing else will do; Classic Goo. *end voice... its far too scary*


Sooo... I *am* a psychotherapist's dream, but my friends just call me Abi. That can include you, simply because you're here and... I'm not that choosy. I am, however, 17 (and too lazy to redo all this blurb) and I live in the half-empty section of the glass, my cynicism matched only by that of those I surround myself with. I'll add more as and when I... think of it.

Dozy *and* a pessimist. Great, just great... *grumbles off into the distance*

love, Abi

More Introductions...

Okay, flushed with the success of being able to get that to work I am now (unwisely) adding to it. I anticipate failure. Okay, so I've said I'm 16, you've probably noticed that I type the word "okay" far too often, "so..." you're all not asking, "who are you and how did you find your way onto h2g2?!" And you needen't (not) sound so panicked either. I'm harmless- *really*.

Erm, I spend a lot of my time at school and the rest of it at work (in the Oracle, in Reading town centre) or orchestra (I play violin). Other than that my life revolves around the internet. I'm a bit of a sci-fi junkie (tv mostly) and engage in all the net culture that goes with it; mailing lists, fanfic, fansites... the list goes on. And how I came to be here? Blame Ann.

*More* Introductions?! Why won't she go away...

Answer, I did for a long time. But now I'm back. Yay! No longer the tender age of 16, I have now reached the very much more mature 17. The age where I can (and will eventually) drive which if you know anything of my love affair with public transport (for anyone who cares there have been *four* 10p increases since I last posted and I can no longer pass as a child-- smiley - steam) becomes a good thing. If you're on the road at the same time as me its a bad thing. Oh and I quit Etam. Now working for the lovely people at John Lewis Plc.

Causes and Campaigns

Of which I have many. Many many many....

Hammers and Nails Save them, save them now! If I can be reformed, you can too.

Goo is your friend. Lend it your support.

And last but by no means least, the NS-RSPCPB. Looking out for pet bottles everywhere.

I'm done now. Chazlet | IE

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